Optimal tablet for Infinite Flight

I want to buy myself a new tablet. The budget is about $ 400, please tell me which device to buy for stable 30 or more frames on ultra graphics (view from the cockpit). Share your experience, who has which tablet, what is the price, what is the frames per second. Thanks) Ipad 9 or Xioami Pad 5
Xioami have
128GB memory
8 nuclear
3.0 GHz
Snapdragon 860

I guess the IPad. I have no experience with it, but on my IPhone 13 Pro I never drop from 60fps at max graphics except at extremely busy airports. The IPad is supposed to be faster so yeah. I don’t recommend Android because the optimization there is really bad.

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Good Morning,

Firstly @1MASYBTGS the android optimization is not really bad. It has overheating issues sometimes but if you have a good SOC along with storage and RAM your experience can be just as good or even better than a iPad.

Secondly @user50 I would suggest the iPad 9th gen. It will get you far and last longer than the Xioami Pad 5. Apple consistently gives around 5 years software updates along with security updates. It can also be used for IF for a bit longer than the Xiaomi Pad 5.

If you need any other information please visit this thread below.


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I can’t stress enough how much of a good purchase the ipad would be, and its even better if you can find it refurbished by apple themselves.

I was talking from experience tbh…
I had a xiaomi phone with like 6gb ram and the second the new 3d airport update came out my frames dropped from around 40-50 with medium to 10 with low even in places which werent 3d with no traffic so yeah…

Go for the iPad, the graphics handling is absolutely superb even on high.

Only downside is that you won’t be able to directly connect a joystick via a cable, and will have to go through a third-party app (if you’re planning on doing that).

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I personally like the size of the IPad mini’s

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Idk, I have an IPad mini and FPS drops constantly

what about Redmi Note 10, Snapdragon 678?

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