Ops points as Ground Controller


I am new to the game been only playing it for a week, I really enjoy playing as a Ground Controller (V2 Trainjng Server) on a busy airport (Inspired by Kennedy Steeve),

I am hoping if anyone could kindly explain how the ops points works as I am planning to apply for IFATC

  1. Is it true that it’s more easy to gain ops by playing tower? (Because I only play as a ground)

  2. How do you gain points as a ground controller?
    (Does it depends how many instructions you give? Or by the amount of time you play?)

  3. Do you get ops randomly? Or is it a system based?

  4. Does it reflects to your general profile? (Like if you have violations you get less ops)

  5. Are ops affected by the airport you are playing? (Like the bigger the airport the bigger the ops you can get)

I only gained 2 points by playing ground at KLAX for at least 2 hours where it was busy every minute, I normally handles 5-6 aircraft and around 10 or more when its busy. I currently have 228 ops

I am grade 2 with 7,867exp, no violations, no reports, no ghost what so ever.

If anyone is kind enough to answer my questions it would be much appreciated and thanks in advance!

You receive the same amount of ops for tower as you do controlling ground. Controlling radar frequencies gives you 3x the amount of ops you have controlled, compared to tower and ground that only give you 1x.

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The airport size itself doesn’t affect ops. Just the amount of aircraft. You will likely get more ops by controlling larger airports.

Adding to what Chris and Virus said:

Take a look at the quoted post to understand what counts as an operation.

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You cant really apply to be an ATC controller yet because you need to be at least grade 3 and at least 500 observations check this thread out.

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