Ops for GND, APP & CTR controllers?

So as @Hamza_Akharaze and I have thought, if TWR earns ops counts based on the takeoffs and landings, then how about GND, APP and CTR? Would they earn any ops count?

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I know ground doesn’t get ops, but I think APP and CTR do… I’m not entirely sure though…

Approach get one operation every time you clear one for the ILS.

So do you affirm with @Tecnam2TA that GND does not get any ops? What about CTR?

From what I have heard ground does not give any operations. Center might, not sure.

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Center receives no OPS unless you clear for an ILS which center shouldn’t do. But no one cares about the OPS it’s all about the user experience not about how many OPS you can obtain.


I’m just asking, no need to flare over it.

Seriously? Didn’t realize I was upset about it just answering your question.


Idk you sound angry haha I’m not really obsessed over the ops, I’m just wondering how they work so at least everyone can have a fair play…

Ground do get you OPS.

I will assume it’s the pushback?

Nah, i think it’s for the “taxi to rwy bla bla, contact tower when ready”

I call that handoff… So that explains why I got 332 ops in less than 1 week…

I didn’t think PG controllers got ops. @Furtive_masstwofourf just gonna ask you in case you know. I always thought that you had to be advanced to earn ops. He’s saying he got ops on PG. How is this?

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I believe that the app still tracks your ops, and it doesn’t get reported until you become an advanced ATC, at which point the ops do show up.

You still get OPS. You just are unable to see them.

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@Furtive_masstwofourf thanks you. Then how did he get them? ^^ he’s not an advanced controller.

You can contact a recruiter and they can tell you.

I got in touch with @anon66442947 so just get in touch with any recruiter if you’re really serious about being an Advanced ATC

I am an advanced controller @NatIsrael972
I was just wondering how you got ops since your not advanced.