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Hi everyone!

Today, I went spotting today again at Adelaide, and I managed to catch a cool visitor, a Malaysian A330 that was painted in Tiger Liveries! I also saw that the winds were favourable for a different runway so we could manage to catch planes spooling up and planes on final. Enjoy!

VH-VGD taxiing towards Runway 05

VH-VGY cleared for immediate takeoff

JQ681 rolling along

VH-VGY Taxiing (Sorry for bluey lines there)

Holding short RWY05

Waiting for Royal Flying Doctor to Exit Runway

The Tiger A330 on final

(Edited) Slowing down after touchdown (Sorry for no touchdown pic, camera was being weird)

As for spotting the last plane, the airport switched runways again since winds were favourable for RWY23 and caught a QF B738 headed to Melbourne

Thank you taking a look at my pictures! Just to note that many people wanted to spot the A330 so it was kind of crowded 😅 and there was also a slight heat haze at that moment.

See ya later!



What camera were you using?

Coolpix P90.

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Ok cool!!!

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These pictures are amazing mate! I lovethe lighting and the buildings in the background give slight Kai Tak vibes lol


Thank you! And welcome to the community!


Thank you! :)

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Nice Catches

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