Opposite / Left handed ATC controlling

(I dont know if this is already out there because i couldn’t find it. Also i dont know if you can already do this because i dont know how)

Opposite ATC controlling:

What is this?
It is a feature request to basically add a feature where you can take the ATC commands column, and move it to the other side.

So if that didn’t make sense then, the current ATC format is on the right side of your devices screen. Now if you are left handed (like me) that is kind of difficult. This feature request basically has that commands column moved to the left for some left handed users.

Let me know what you think, also sorry if this can actually happen in the game, or is a duplicate ;)

I’m also left handed and this was never a problem or a handicap for me while controlling tbh… but I support it anyway, would be nice if the chance would be there to adjust it if needed


Thanks @SunDown, mainly for me its because i got used to using my right hand, but i can see how this could be an issue for other users

Great Idea, I’m not even a leftie, but I’ll still vote!

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Thanks @Stellar_G :)

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