OPKC wrong ILS approach

OPKC is the most widely used airport in Pakistan. But for some reason in IF we have ILS approach on RWY25R (which is wrong), RWY25R is mainly used for GA aircrafts only which doesn’t need an ILS approach. RWY25L is used by commercial jets, and RWY25L doesnt have an ILS in IF but it does have an ILS in real life. Airport editing team?


It will be fixed eventually. The IFAET don’t take requests so you just will have to wait patiently until someone gets round to it.

Hi! Thank you for making a post regarding this issue. There are many airports around the Middle East/Sub-Continent region where ILS approaches are incorrectly assigned to runways without ILS in the real world (in the case of OPKC) or the other way around where a runway does actually have ILS capabilities in the real world, but designated as GPS in Infinite Flight (such as OPLA). I have also noticed many inconsistencies in airport approach STARs around the Middle East. I usually verify all my approaches using accurate and up-to-date airport charts. The waypoints are accurate but the VNAV altitudes are wrong in many places. How can one descend to 9,000ft, then climb up to 11,000ft and back down to 5,000ft all in one approach path? The correct altitudes were supposed to be 9000ft, 7500ft and 5000ft respectively. Clearly the preset altitudes need adjustment, but thankfully we have the option to change the altitudes manually in our map menu.

As we are all human, we all make mistakes. I completely understand that editing an airport which you have never been to or have very less knowledge about can be a limiting factor and create minor issues for the editor. I Hope the Airport Editing Team makes an official thread where people can highlight such issues with the airport name and fault so in case the team is not aware of the problem, they can add it to their to do list and get to it whenever possible.


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