Opis notam

A notam can be placed at OPIS just like OBBI and EGKK, since only rwy 28L/10R is used for takeoffs and landings. Rwy 28R / 10L can be used as taxiway. In real life both runways are not used because the gap between them is too close.


@Usman_A… MaxSez’. it’s “NOTAM” all caps Sport! An acronym for “ Notice to Airmen”!
Walk the walk ya Gotta talk the talk!
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Thank you @Maxmustang, how are you?

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In theory there are NOTAMs that can be set at most airports for various reasons. EGKK and KASE fall into a special category due to the uniqueness and traffic volume they experience.


How belittling lol

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@Hendrix_Ruka. “Belittling” To the contrary, Just a spot of reality.
If you walk the walk you gotta talk the talk…
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