Opinions/Thoughts on virtual airlines.

Looking for realistic & active VA’s, any opinions or advice would be appreciated. Thanks!

Coming from a VA CEO, this my seem a little biased. But Join Delta! We are quickly growing. We have 18+ routes, with more being added every day. We are an active member of SkyTeam. We are overall very realistic, as realism is a goal we are trying to achieve. Very active and loyal members and staff. Overall, a very great VA!

Apply here! http://iffgdelta.wix.com/flydeltava#!careers/seojf

If you want to be in Oneworld, try us!

If you want a small euro airline, join Air Berlin Virtual! https://airberlinifva.wordpress.com/

There is no bias in the world of marketing… I think

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PM me Joel :) Ryanair is relatively new but is looking for members to add to its ranks you will be in a critical position to become part of a very realistic airline where we fly routes all over Europe!

Looking for the biggest, Virtual Airline…

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