Opinions on VA Callsigns?

I would post this in #VA, however I haven’t achieved the mysterious requirements for TL2 as yet… (if anyone can move it there it might be a better place for it)

I’m in the process of researching/creating a new VA, (I know I can’t apply for IFVARB yet before anyone says, see above ;) ) and I would like to get some opinion and thoughts on VA callsigns.

Which do you think is the best approach for a VA when deciding upon a callsign?

  • Use a real world callsign plus ID (Airlines in IF)
  • Use a General Aviation one specific to the VA

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Also, thinking about a possible website integration with LiveFlight, does the above come into play for the display of only your own VA flights (I’m guessing @Cameron or @MishaCamp would be the best to ask on that one)?

Thanks to anyone who takes the time to help me on this one.

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I prefer the GA callsign approach as it is easier to identify a VA member.


That’s what I originally thought, and still lean toward myself to be honest, but I would imagine there could be some pride in carrying the real-world callsigns for some VA crew - hence the poll.

Either one is far too easily used in IF by anyone who wishes too unfortunately - but that’s a whole different issue.

Thanks for the move @BluePanda900 :)

Most use GA callsigns and then add stuff to their display name.

Callsign of AAVA####, DLVA####, etc.

Then in the display name add “DLVA Cool Pilot Name” or something like that.


It get’s annoying when you have a display name that is like “IFATC DLVA AAVA IFGAF IFAE IPP jakey20”


Yeah, that’s what I’ve seen so far myself, and what I do when flying for the VA I am currently with. I also see a large number of Speedbird callsigns, I wasn’t sure if that was British Airways VA, but I think they use BAVA?

In regard to this, once you’re website is set up if you speak to Cameron he can pass on a API key to put a specific LiveFlight map into your website showing just a specific callsign.

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Thanks @Matt, I figured that would be the case, my suspicion being that a GA based VA specific callsign would provide the best result for an integrated map.

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I reached out to him a month or so ago and he said the underlying code needs reworked. He will announce when they are back up.


Good to know, thanks for the info.

Nope, it should be IFATC-DLVA-AAVA-IFGAF-IFAE-IPP Jakey2_0😉

No underscores in display names 😏

He stopped making them.

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Thanks to everyone who took the time to vote in the poll and/or reply to the thread. As I’m quickly discovering, IFC is a very welcoming and engaged community, so nice to see!

Decision made for the VA I’m working on… GA based callsign it is.


“Cool Pilot Name” LOL

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