Opinions on the Nord Noratlas

Post war cargo aircraft, it was built with the intention of replacing the old Ju 52s and C-47s. First flight on 1949 and introduced in 1953, it operated in Europe, Middle East, the Caribbean (Dominican Republic) and Africa. It was built until 1961 with a total production of 425 aircraft, and was retired in France in 1989.


The box car looks better


Like the plane nicknamed the boxcar

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Its too fat for my taste. The French knew and know how to make elegant aircraft.


Eh the nose is really stubby on this one. Some of the French fighters are beautiful tho

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It has a fully tubular fuselage, I like that.

Like the Rafale?

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I don’t like it. Was good back then I suppose, but now it’s time to move forward.

The beluga’s starving enchanted relative 😂😂😂

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