Opinions on the newer Apple iPad used with Infinite Flight

Good day all,

I was hoping for some advise based on experience of other users on the iPad. I only use my iPad for Infinite Flight, it’s the only downloaded “app” on there. It’s starting to show its age now, over 6 years old and a piddly original 16GB and it’s almost out of memory due to updates on IOS alone never mind the app updates. It’s struggling on memory and I’m upgrading it imminently.

In terms of size, it’s the original humble 9.7”. The next iPad purchase will be a pro version, leaving either a 10.5” or 12.9” choice with a big memory. I will be going into the shop and handling before buying, however in terms of use I was wondering if anyone uses these 2 sizes? If so, how does the size go hand in hand with the sim? I only use it on the sofa, never at a table and suspect that the 12.9” may become wearisome to hold for extended amounts of time or a pain to use with tilting due to the size, so at this point the 10.5” looks like the winner, unless anyone uses the 12.9” specifically with the sim and doesn’t regret buying a smaller version?

Any experience and honest views having used the iPad sizes would be welcome. It’s down to personal preference but it doesn’t hurt to hear what everyone else has found.

Thank you kindly.


Hi I’ve got a iPad Pro 12.9 and amazing for IF it’s Is a little big to start off with and takes a bit of adjusting but with the scenery it’s beautiful


I run IF on a 12.9" version with 128gb of memory.
Works great, only one app crash in 2 months of use (all graphics settings on highest level)


Hi, I have an iPad 2017 and IF is very good. I tried using it on the 12 inch ipad pro from a friend and … I’m left with 9.7. the screen of 12 is too big and bulky and I do not like how my fingers are. I suppose you can get used to it but I see it too big.



Some of our members have talked about their devices and all together with the help of Kirito and Starley have a made a best compatitive thread. Below you can find useful information for the 10.5" and for the 12.9"

From our IFC member @Bobby

From our IFC members, @Delta319 and @B747fan


Device Compatibility Thread- Built By Us For You!

Now from persnonal experience, the 10.5" is awesome (Not mine - Tried it only twice). I use my sofa too when I am flying and its perfect. The size for me is very good and you will have a nice time staring the awesome IF graphics. Now when it comes to controling, I like the 9.7" more, dont really know why… Probably because I am used to small iPad screens and not the 12.9"'s one… Too big :)


I use a number of sizes. iPad Air, 12.9 Pro and mini 4 as well as the iPhone X. The iPad Pro 12.9 runs the most consistently but is a tad too big to hold and manipulate, especially when landing (in my opinion). I think the screen size is perfect and will be interested to see how the new iPad Pro works as it is my understanding that Apple will reduce the size of the device but maximize the screen size similar to the iPhone X. I think that would be just about perfect. The iPhone X does run very well but I find it to be too small for me to engage in the game and see everything that is going on during a live flight.

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I have the iPad 2017, and I can run max graphics, anti-aliasing, and max airplane count. I do limit frame rate so I can prevent the iPad from overheating, but I bought it for $329, and it is very nice for IF!

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Are you planing on getting a brand-new iPad Pro, or are you getting an older model / a used one?
I have an iPad Air 2 (9.7" screen size), and it runs absolutely perfectly with every setting maxed-out despite the fact that it’s at least 3 years old.

I find that doing pattern work for more than 15 minutes with a 12.9 becomes cumbersome. Im still fit for an older guy, but I’ll lose circulation in my hands depending on the length of session. Not to mention the corners of the device dig into my palms. It’s a love, hate situation. I love the graphics, and ease of locating a button, but I’d definitely prefer less weight.

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I love using my 10.5 to fly. At first it was a bit of an adjustment from my Mini, but now I can do my C208 patterns with ease. Definitely recommend it!

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Yeah it will be a brand new one. Mine’s the 2013 iPad Air 1 and the memory is down to about 2GB. It runs very well but there are a few glitches here and there like sound vanishing on longer flights and those extra 2 years of updates and use and slightly outdated tech would look improved with a new retina as well. It’s great for what it is but it’s an upgrade I’ve been planning for ages. The 9.7 has been a good beast for I.F and I’ll run it into the ground alongside the new one.

Ok, if you’re planning on buying the new model, then I recommend waiting a few more months for the new iPad Pros to come out. Physically, they’ll be the same size (if not a little bit smaller), but the screen will cover the entire front. In other words, you’ll get a much larger display for the same overall device size.

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i use the ipad pro 10.5”, runs if perfectly and the screen isn’t as huge as 12.9”

Excellent. I’ll do that then, good advise.

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However, we’re not quite sure about its release date just yet. It could be a couple months from now, or it could be several.
If you are willing to wait up to mid next year, it’s probably worth the wait. But if you need a solution by the end of this season, you might want to go ahead purchase the current model.
I think the earliest month we could see this is November, and the latest is July/August.

I all honesty, if they’re dropping the 3.5mm jack and Touch ID then it’ll probably be a good idea to stick with the current generation of iPad Pros. I have the 10.5" with 256GB, and it’s perfect all round. IF runs smooth as butter, and buttering is easy. Just the right size and weight too, with stunning graphics and good sound (if you don’t use headphones or speakers).

Use it for school work too, so it is a near perfect all rounder!

OK, thanks to everyone for taking the time to respond with views/ advise etc. Have decided to wait for the next gen 10.5". The headphone jack isn’t a problem, as with the jack free iPhone everyone was originally up in arms about it but it just came with a tiny connector and didn’t make much difference on a personal basis, and I don’t use the jack on the pad anyway. Am pretty happy to wait potentially until next year for the stretched screen and new version (fingers crossed it’ll be ready in Autumn here in the UK).

That being said, I’m going to Curry’s tonight to pick up some tedious vacuum bags so the temptation might take over while in there…



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Hey everyone,

Bumping this because the new IPads have been announced and will be available from November 7th!

I personally will be getting the 11’’ version with 512GB of storage!


I’ve got the 10.5" iPad Pro from 2017. It’s a beast at running IF and you won’t go wrong. With these newer iPads, I can easily say that IF will run like a dream on them!

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I just upgraded from a 5 year old iPad to the new 11” iPad Pro. If you haven’t yet it is definitely worth the upgrade. It performs noticeably faster, and with the home button gone you get a nice size screen for flying. I went with the 256GB but you shouldn’t have any problems with the 64GB if it’s the only app you use.