Opinions on Qantas

  • Absolutely fantastic airline
  • It’s not that good but acceptable
  • I don’t like it, rather fly with other airline

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Coming from NZ I should prob go with Air NZ ;)

Qantas is a great airline, I’d gladly spend extra to fly with them.

I’ve never flown Qantas. I’m American.

Only one bad thing about Qantas… I was scared for months after what happened.

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Anyways I don’t really know the safest airline. Probably the largest one that has the least accidents, right? Maybe Southwest Airlines in the USA? They only had 1 fatally and that soul wasn’t even on the plane.

What happened ?

It is the safest airline in world :)

Qantas? Maybe… I really don’t know

Oh wait… I see what you’re saying now

I don’t think I can say. It’s to do with airplane food. I don’t want to bring back the memory.


They’ve been making lots of cutbacks recently, especially with food size and how you no longer have the IFE in the back of the seat

What is an IFE ?

In flight entertainment, it’s the tv screens you have in the back of the seats, but they replaced them with iPads

Qantas is a fantastic airline. They might have one the worlds best training courses but no airline is safer. All aircraft have the potential to crash.

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Safety records determine which airline is the safest.
Opinions don’t. ;)

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I often don’t eat on a plane. In fact, I don’t eat at all, rather only sip on juice.

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It is the SAFEST airliner in the whole entire universe ( Earth ) :)

I know! Because the safety records show that. :)

So why ask what people think about it?

Any comments and thought about this airline, title shown safest just want to get people notice :p