Opinions on my Infinite Flight video?

What do you guys think?


Nice accent!


Thank you ! :)

Cringey intro, good commentary, dont use the if trailer just record your own gameplay in the future

Thanks for the feedback!

I love it:-)

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Keep it up BTW

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Very good, you should make more with the voiceover!

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Thanks! I really haven’t being paying much attention to the C130 thread. Just too many comments. Great to know it will be interactive.


Are all the clips yours, including the time lapses? You shouldn’t really use clips you haven’t taken yourself or gotten explicit permission to use, as that is considered copyright infringement.

And change the intro… :P


Lol me neither, way too many of those threads

At least it’s good advertising. But I agree with at least giving credits. And I hate those intros too. Just over the top a little sorry @AviatorDan

No… why should I change my intro! How rude

You asked us What you think. If you wanna act professional, having an intro made in C4D with dubstep music isn’t gonna cut it. Harsh but true. You can choose whether or not you wanna follow my tip, but before you choose know that I have worked in the film industry for about 4 years now… Those intros look ridiculously amature, and honestly it made me wanna skip the whole video itself…

Felt like a film critique now… It’s harsh i know, but you can actually just skip the whole intro. :) You don’t need one for that kind of movie! :)


Got a link for your channel so I can subscribe to you ? @Mats_Edvin_Aaro is right the intro doesn’t cut it …

As Mats already said earlier you shouldn’t use those clips without Infinite Flight’s permission as they are the owner. You can’t really say it’s your video as the only thing you actually did is editing the video and adding your audio comments. I’m pretty sure that all the video clips are from the trailer above and the picture from Infinite Flight’s social medias accounts.


I see that now. And if you have read through the community guidelines (which I surely hope you have) it states that you aren’t allowed to post ‘stuff’ someone else has made. I quote from the guidelines:

You may not post anything digital that belongs to someone else without permission. You may not post descriptions of, links to, or methods for stealing someone’s intellectual property (software, video, audio, images), or for breaking any other law.


Look I have over 500,000 views and 1.5K subscribers. I don’t want to start an argument because that would be unnecessary. My YouTube isn’t just based on infinite flight it is based on a variety of games… that’s why I think a dubstep type intro suits is but on the other hand if it was just an infinite flight channel the intro would be 100% different. Much more calm and not soooo loud. Anyway I’m busy being successful and making content that my subscribers like :) thanks for the feedback bye

Look over 400,000 of those are from a viral video not related to your channel at all, so you cannot use that as an argument.

And I have had a major part in several high-budget productions, all in which have a budget over $2,000,000 dollars. I have created multiple international commercials for a variety of famous clients, including Coca Cola, Volvo etc.

I suggest you stop being so cocky, because when you ask for people’s opinion you simply cannot lash out at them. I commented what i commented to be nice, because that intro is horrible.

You should SERIOUSLY consider changing your attitude, because it’s not going to get you anywhere in life. You’re not successful just because you have a viral video. If that is success to you, then welcome to life.

Rant over


I’m offending you? I tried to be nice, so yes I’m telling you to change your attitude, because criticizing people who try to help you is extremely offensive, so don’t pull the “you offended me” card.

You try to look like you know everything, like you’re better than everyone else. That attitude has NO place at this forum. So yes, I’m very much telling you to change your attitude.