Opinions on LATAM/LAN

I know this is a stupid topic but I would just love to know what the world thinks and what are your opinions on LAN airlines, or LATAM as it is now. Just because it is my national airline, and I would love to know what you guys think about it :)

Put your opinions on liveries, passenger service, experiences, fleet, etc.!


It’s not stupid some people just get annoyed when people make loads of these, I personally have never flown them so I wouldn’t know :)


What do you think of the livery, fleet, coldshare agreements if you know any, being on Oneworld…?

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Oneworld is a great alliance. The new livery for LATAM is a bit bare. I think they should have kept the old.

  • I love flying them
  • Meh…
  • I don’t like flying them
  • Never flown with them

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I voted I love flying but I just always fly with it, and I just love it because its my national airline :)

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Just like I love British Airways although I will only fly with their newer planes I don’t like to waste money on outdated products 😂

You guys in the US, UK and stuff don’t understand as you have tons of airlines there, but here in Chile LAN is the only airline that is worth mentioning, Sky Airline only has like 15 airplanes and there are loads of airlines with like 2 or 3 airplanes on their fleet

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I’ve flown on two LAN 789s and two A320s. The Dreamliners were nice, as I expected, and the A320s were perfectly nice.

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I believe the LATAM font is the ugliest font on a plane

what exactly is a font?

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Go look at one and tell me what you think

oh you mean he logo?

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The font of the LATAM on the plane

the logo? sorry I don’t know what a font is, English is not my first language

No te preocupes, el mío tampoco (don’t worry, mine either) :) What I see it’s that the logo of the plane has the shape of South America (IMO), but for me it’s fine. And I kind of like this livery, althought the other are gorgeous.

yeah but logo and font are the same?

Well the font it’s the type and style the of caligraphy of the letters I believe. The logo it’s just the image that represents a company.

ok I get it ;)

I have to say I preferred the old logo instead of the new

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