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Hey guys. Just a quick disclaimer, some things I will mention are not attacks on the community nor the developers but more so my honest opinions on how I feel at this present time about IF in general.

So where to begin. Some 5/6 years ago I purchased Infinite Flight for the first time as a young aviation enthusiast. Ever since that day, I have continued to play IF and I thoroughly enjoy it however it was only late this year where I started to begin interaction within the community. I had posted a topic which was taken down due to it not being in the correct category, which is completely understandable however I feel as if myself and other members of the community are communicating important issues within the game however what we say is not being heard due to the fast developments constantly happening within the simulator. I mentioned on an IF Instagram post about the LNAV system not being as optimised as it should be. Many people agreed with me and even the article I posted in this forum received similar responses however its almost like no one gives a damn (LNAV Reworking). I’m not making this personal however it seems like the majority of people heard are those who are after new additions to the simulator such as aircraft and those who actually want to improve the experience of the sim are drowned out by the outcry and swarm of people requesting for things to be added into the sim.

In an article I read, nowadays, a majority of the video game industry is no longer about the experience but more so the micro-transactions that game companies make available. A prime example is the Grand Theft Auto Series. What started out as a beloved franchise soon turned to a franchise known for taking people’s money due to the developers implementing content they knew would attract sales, which lead people to spend additional money on the game. I’m not saying Infinite Flight is going to turn out like this nor is it in this state, however it seems like the important things such as optimising game features is being pushed back to accommodate the requests of those who ask for new content. Another example is that the moderator, who took down my article, commented on it however he completely missed the point and thus communicated something I knew prior to writing the article. One final example, which may be slightly off topic, is the way to which the community responds to questions such as “when is the next update” on posts created by the devs. Many responses I see say; “don’t ask when” or “it’s coming soon, be patient”, and on some occasions these are developer responses to the consumer directly. I personally find this unorthodox and in some way inappropriate as we are the consumer and the consumer has the right to know the information about what they are investing on and whether it’s worth considering or not. This also applies to the community members who respond like we are all players and a simple response such as “this is what we know…” or “it may be coming soon” would completely eradicate this issue within the community of asking repetitive questions and getting responses which don’t really entail the answer to what the person asked.

Anyways that summarises my feelings towards the direction Infinite Flight is following. Just like most people here, I am just a player who wants the best for the sim however it’s in my honest opinion that priorities are all over the shot at the moment. Let me know what you think in the comments and don’t forget to up vote this if it sparked any realisation or raised any valid points.

Happy Landings


The community is flawless. Mic drop


Most people care about other things more such as New aircraft, reworks or liveries. Votes are pretty precious. I think people here sometimes forget what it was like when they joined, mistakes will be made!


I actually think this is quite the opposite. In fact, I see FDS optimizing the app for the current player database to maintain those number of players. Without a solid player database, and without the financial support of us, FDS isn’t able to produce additional content such as aircraft, features for those said aircraft, and additional scenery.

Its been stated many times by developers and moderators alike that the reason dates are never given out is because development can be so unpredictable. There are bumps in the road in the development of whatever is being worked on. Everyone that works at FDS is human and humans can only work so fast. These intelligent folks have a life and a family to tend to while working. I don’t see these “when is the next update” or “its coming soon, be patient” as rude or unorthodox by any means. Look, the more people ask the longer it takes because maybe a member of FDS wants to answer 1 of the 10,000 times that it was asked. Apple is the same way in the development with their devices/products in terms of the concept, except its the opposite; the date is shared but the product isn’t. FDS for the most part shares sneak peeks of the product being worked on, yet the date is never shared; because there isn’t one.

Hope this gave you and others a different perspective. 😊


In my opinion the community is one of the most awesome things they implemented.
I remember those days when there was just the blog to get infos and to discuss IF related stuff. ;)


I couldn’t agree with you more. It’s just that on the surface, what we mostly see is sneak peaks of new aircraft and scenery yet we never are informed or teased any information on any features which are being changed/fixed/implemented. Like not 10 minutes ago, I just got a response to a comment I made on an IF post about how since global was introduced, taking off had sort of changed in the way that when over MLW and you begin rotation at over 150Kts, the aircraft would begin skidding. I got a generic response that says “contact support on this email…” like they are asking me to contact support on a bug which is not in my control to fix.

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That’s because they might need more information to track it down, if it’s a bug. It’s not really easy to do that via Instagram.


A good advice for IF to guard against complacency. But I guess it’s easy to recognize a new addition than an improvement of a feature. To be fair, the focus for FDS have been for IF to grow and that will happen with new additions, so we are still going to see more new additions. Competition from rival flight Sims is also high.

In addition to what I said above, the demand for high graphics in games could be the reason behind this, computers and cellphones nowadays take this into consideration when building their products.

Good points you are raising, but let’s trust FDS decisions are well informed.


I’m a regular poster on infinite flight and to tell you the truth, I completely agree that sometimes the commmunity is after post about new aircrafts or updates and fails to focus on people who spend time and effort creating post that touch on reworks or things currently in game. What makes me sad is when people take so much effort in creating a post just to have people glance over it and not take the time to either give positive feedback or even give a little support to these kind of people. Liking a post isn’t a hard thing to do as this gives the poster courage to make more topics that would give a variety of topics and keep the forum full of fresh discussions instead of looking at the amounts of like and feeling discouraged at the lack of support give. This is why I practice give post whether small or big a like or vote to show I care.😀


I love the IFC. Of course, there are some who ruin it with negative comments. One thing I like doing is spotting IFC members whist playing game. Reverse plane spotting.


Since Global has been released it is amazing to see how many users are on at any one time. This has truly turned into a MMORS ( I made that up!). I am sure quite a few users are not experts in flying and even wonder what LNAV even means. I personally have never flown a real plane, however, over my last 5 years obsession with striving to know more I still realize that I know very little. It doesn’t surprise me that a high percentage of the user base may be more interested in shiny objects rather than fine tuning their ability to navigate and fly with accuracy.

It is always nice to be recognized on a forum and for peeps to offer a similar opinion to yourself, however, we must also recognize that others are usually too busy to take the time to respond or are multitasking and didn’t really spend the time to actually absorb what was written.

(By the way @Laura_Murphy I thought your post on fire duty in a Teuchter Airport was most enlightening. Sorry I was too busy to add a ‘like’)

As a community we are all working very hard behind the scenes to make this platform all it can be. We are listening. People are trying the best they can.



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