Opinions on Air China

  • It is a fantastic airliner
  • Well, not that good and not that bad
  • It sucks

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I´ve never flown with them :P


As @Sturmovik said, never flown


Me neither. I take American to China

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Twice due to “airport delays” the delay was two hours while the flight was only two hours and their cabin is probably better than Jetstar.

Are most of the people voting Chinese/Asian/have flown with them or just overly patriotic Americans?

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I hope you’re not planning on creating a topic like this for every airline you know. ;)

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It really all depends on your experience with them, I have only ever flown with them once one way, one of the better long haul airlines I have flown on, pretty good all round experience.

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i was recently reading about the on sky trax.com a company thqat gives awards to0 the most prestigous airlines and the reveiws on air china were mixed but most were pretty bad guess im not flying them next time i go to china cathay pacific always

It would make sense if people only vote if they have had any experience with this airline. Probably a lot of users are just clicking ‘it sucks’ because they don’t know.

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yes thats true if you make this then they should include if you have never flown with the airline before

But they don’t care if it’s airplane is cruising.

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