Opinions on Aerofly 2019?

Saw it a few days ago on the App Store but my ipads too old for it 😔

Looks very impressive. Aerofly 2 was great, what do you guys think of it? How would you compare it to IF?

Hope you had a good holiday!

I think it’s nearly as good, with the only problem being the controls. I’m used to using the camera the other way, and also don’t like the change view thing, but other than that, it’s great!

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The scenery and airports certainly impress me, as with the cockpit quality.

Hopefully IF add live cockpits to various other aircraft, like the fighter has.

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Did you watch the trailers to find out it had that, or did you find out somewhere else?

I watched trailers and YouTube videos. I’ve also played a lot of 2.

It runs on my phone so I’m debating whether or not to get it. I prefer to play games on my iPad due to the bigger screen.

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I feel Infinite Flight is for iPads and Aerofly is for phones😉

Why is that out of interest? I think IF has the edge regarding areas to fly, but Aerofly with realism.

Think the screen space iPad offers is good for both of them.

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Hi, this forum is for discussion on Infinite Flight matters and not rival Flight Sims. Please check out the forum guidelines.

Thanks and happy flying in 2019


It’s always good to discuss competition.