Opinions and Criticism

In recent times, i have noticed al ot of people are getting frowned upon or bashed extensively for being of a critic of Infinite Flight LLC. Now, say all you want about being nice or what not, but i feel some things need to be said in terms of what’s happening.

I feel in this case, some people, when see someone criticizing anything, a mini moderator or someone else high in the ranking system goes and basically calls it hatred. Now, as a paying customer whom has been paying for almost 5 years should have an opinion, no? And naturally, yes I should, so when I come to say my opinion, I shouldn’t be getting flagged down or get my topic closed. If you, the moderators, close this very topic, you will be proving my point.

I beg to have a peaceful and civil discussion on this topic so anything off the course of the main topic will be flagged. Until the next time.


Hehe just joking! Constructive criticism and feedback is never taken in the wrong way 😊


@Dan you really had me their.


I Love it hehe. .


True, sometimes I feel like these are just Infinite Flight Fanboys trying too hard to have the “amazing” status of Regular.


😂 needed to look twice as I saw that


It seems so sometimes tbh.


I’ll just lend my two cents after seeing the community in the last few days.

There is a big difference between making constructive criticism, and making unsubstantiated claims about Infinite Flight that was made because of a preconceived notion where what they expected is what will come to fruition. This is simply not always the case. You win some, you lose some, that’s just how life works.

Now, moving on to mini-mods. Calling someone a mini-mod simply because they are someone that’s “high in the ranking system” is wrong. There are people in this position of power, and the actions of one absolutely do not reflect the actions of all.

I don’t want this to turn sour, it’s a great way to have a discussion, perhaps a way to mend a burnt bridge, so to speak.


I agree with some of your points mentioned there.

I’m sure they allow it, but then some people come to give some kind of replies like “be grateful” or “move on to another sim”, which I feel a way for censorship tbh, and that should not be allowed, as they even can scare the user out. That’s something to consider it if they really want a civilized discussion.

But… if we move to the dark side, there’s the bad criticism, which turns into a demeaning feedback, as said above. I saw many topic which even had insults, or making fun of someone. Another thing that is (actually) not allowed and takes it to disciplinary actions.

Good topic tho.


I completely agee with you. However there is a very big difference in constructive crticism, and then out right blasting infinite flight for expectations that was set by a youtube video based purely on speculation of some aircraft, or major feature, coming in the next update. It is truly rare to see constructive criticism because of the majority of Infinite Flight’s consumers being older children/teenagers… I hope to see more of these kinds of topics in the future because this is the kind of feedback IF is looking for.


I can’t think of a single case where I’ve seen a post containing constructive criticism being flagged, to be entirely honest in my 7 years of being a part of this Community.

Usually when what some considers to be “constructive criticism” gets flagged, it’s anything but constructive.


I agree but most of the comments I see are not constructive in any case. That is a thing to develop and even as a college student myself, we take courses to help us improve on that. Saying ‘this is bad’ is not constructive. It will get flagged.

The feedback needs to be specific, it should include what is wrong, what can be done to improve, and also praise what has been done correctly. This will help the devs focus on what needs to improve and also be happy that people are enjoying the other features being put out


Oh now this right here is really good. The delivery of criticism is really an art on this forum and it takes practice being able to have a good delivery while also being a bit fired up.

The biggest thing I’ve found it just take your time writing out your complaints/criticisms, make sure you contextualize your remakes maybe with previous history or precedent, that usually works quite well to strengthen your argument or point, instead of making claims without backing it up like some people do. Write your criticisms like essays.

I think it’s gotten a lot better in recent time though, at least from my perspective. Staff are more than willing to engage and answer questions as long as you aren’t being a donkey about it. Just be respectful.


I think the issue a lot of the so-called “mini mods” have with the criticism is that more often than not it’s something that’s already been mentioned by hundreds of community members hundreds of times. It can be frustrating to see criticism for something that’s been brought up dozens of times and something that has a valid excuse to be the way it is. For example, the lack of aileron movement in a lot of aircraft, the lack of engine sounds for a lot of aircraft, etc… Constructive criticism is fine, but it becomes an issue when the criticism isn’t constructive and is just being used as an outlet to complain.

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I agree most of the comments above.

Just adding up, the 3D airport selection was also heat topic.


This together with livery selections will never stop being a heated one. Everyone wants their own local stuff, it’s just how it is unfortunately. But somewhat understandable.


The way we fix mini modding is not by calling them out, its by showing them how to progress through the ranks to maybe becoming a moderator.

The way to becoming a moderator or regular,(any mod/reg please correct me if im wrong) is to be polite and kind on the forum, always be approachable and respectful to everyone, and help new members on the forum so that they might enjoy their experience on the forum. If you do all of this, and IF notices you just might move up the ranks.

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Infinite Flight News on YT is a good constructive criticism channel