Anyone have any opinions of the E-Jet family on Infinite Flight? I really do enjoy them.

They’re nice aircraft. despite being old models, they’ve held up quite well. Remember it ised to be my favoritr aircraft. Flew military charters using a Generic E-170 from one end of the NYC region to the other in IF.

Since then, E-Jets have been largely overshadowed by newer aircraft. Occasionally, I’ll fly a USAir E-175, jetBlue E-190, or Flybe E-195.

Rarely fly E-170s anymore.

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they really need to add more livery’s i think

I mainly fly the Delta and United E-170 and the KLM E-190.

Since the reworked the AP I quite enjoy flying the E190 from time to time in British Airways livery, usually ex London City.

I like them.
Would love to have a reworked cockpit, some more liveries, and do not have that “flying” nose gear.