Opinion: What is your favorite aircraft?

This is my third opinion topic, just reply with what your favorite real world aircraft is.

Tie between MD-80/DC-9 series and 737-series

This is a duplicate mate sorry

But mine is the A320

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Sorry I did not bother to look it up I did not know thanks for telling me though…

McDonnell Douglas MD-11

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I like all aircraft, but the L-1011, DC-10, 727, Trident, and the MD-11 are all some personal favorites.


B737-800 for sure

Ford trimotor

F-15, MiG 29, B-1 Lancer Airbus A380 & Boeing 777 300ER

777, MD11 and C172

Oh god, this is a hard one. The MD80 family and the A320 family have always been spot on design-wise if you ask me.