Opinion: What is the most crowded airport?

I decided to make this opinion topic. Please comment what you think the most crowded live airports are, on the ATC Playground Server.

It’s chaos there!

  1. Los Angeles
  2. San Clemente
  3. San Diego
  4. San Francisco
  5. Ontario or Orange County
  • This is only for the California Region…

I agree it’s so crowded for such a small airport.

We have 2 regions in California…


Considering the airports that were named in his post I’m sure he means SoCal. :)

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@Captain_Rojas I meant in the state of California.

KSAN and KNUC since they have one runway…on busy days it can get hella crowded there lol.
Larger airports like KLAX, sure they get busy, but they get siphoned off fairly easy in my opinion lol

Yeah especially San Clemente (KNUC) because of its size.

True true and it has a limited amount of gates

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I agree for example today I controlled ground for 20 minutes there and three Air Canada 777-300ER’s parked and didn’t leave and every time I asked for intentions they just said “request taxi to parking” even though they are already there, they took up most of the small terminal space. Another problem is the taxiways are fairly small for wide bodies like the (777, and A380, 747, etc.)

Exactly. It’s like the airport builders (in real life) only want cessnas careening through there lol

Yeah I agree…

I tried getting a 747 through there once and got spammed with “do not taxi through grass”…lol

I get in similar situations another difference between KNUC and KSAN is the length and width of the runway. I make many more successful landings at KSAN from KLAX or KNUC then I do a San Clemente. And in A380’s you go into the grass because the runway isn’t wide enough for you to make a perfect turn on to.

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Another thing I don’t get is in the SoCal map you have many decent sized airports like: Long Beach, Burbank, Ontarion, Orange County, Palm Springs, etc. But no one uses those really, instead they use a small island based regional airport. @SkyHighGuys

True I didn’t see KSFO. :) But yeah, KNUC can get pretty bad, but there was a time when I was controlling PG KNUC ground frequency, and almost everyone followed instructions and it wasn’t so bad. :)

Sorry I meant to say Ontario there not Ontarion @SkyHighGuys

Lol the reasoning behind that is odd

Yeah I definitely agree