Opinion: Should the B737 MAX be temporarily grounded?

With the recent crash of the Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 737 MAX 8, some countries have temporarily banned the 737’s from flying, and some airlines have grounded their 737’s. What do you think needs to done?

Let me start by sharing my personal opinion

I honestly think the B737 is a great plane, and I believe it shouldn’t be temporarily grounded or banned. (US based Airlines are still operating their MAX’s)
Could the reason for many 737 incidents be that there is simply so many of them flying? Wouldn’t that large number increase the chances of accidents?

Let us know what you think down below! (but remember, let’s keep this thread nice and peaceful)

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The correct decision. No more lives risked until the crash cause is found


I have to agree with ya, I believe this is an over reaction by all these countries. The two incidents occurred 5 moths apart from each other. The max kept flying after the lion air crash. All of a sudden they decided it isn’t air worthy. US airlines haven’t grounded the, which says something as the FAA is really strict about safety and regulations.


Public safety should come above corporate profits. So yes. All 737 max planes should be grounded. Even if airlines will lose millions of dollars


Glad I’m not the only one who thinks that :)


True, I guess safer is always better

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I disagree. Yes they occurred 5 months across, however the 737 max 8 is a really new plane. Sure after 1 crash they didn’t but after 2 its a call for concern


Safety first, five months from now we don’t want to see another accident like fhis.


Safety first! In my opinion the MAXs should be grounded until the crash cause is found and the problem solved.


Note. The ethiopian airline 737 was only 4 months old.


There are like 4 topics about this plane being grounded now, is this really needed?


the number of countries who grounded the aircraft shows that there’s a real problem with the aircraft,. taking safety first is not an over reaction,.

also every plane is a great plane even the a320 when it was first introduced, the 737-MAX reminds me of the a320 back in the day,.

Best decision made. no more lives at risk until they find the issue. However, this causes carriers like Norwegian lots of stress!!

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This one is sort of different because its asking for the opinions of others on grounding and banning the plane? It’s not necessarily talking much about the Ethiopian incident itself. Please correct me if I’m wrong

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My honnest opinion is no because I think that both crashes are similar and that the second one could’ve be avoided. But, just because everyone on both other sides of the ocean are doing so, it would be less of a mess if NA starts grounding these aircraft.

I think, that all MAX 8’s should be grounded. We need to wait for further investigation. There are only 300 MAX aircraft delivered so far, and 2 of them have crashed!? That is a terrible number.


1/150 chances

These incidents happened I. Countries that have very poor safety records and safety regulations. None of these crashes happened in Europe or NA

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This is ‘relating’ to the Ethiopian 737 max 8 crash as it is the outcome of it

That is horrible number, it is a new aircraft. I dont think MAX’s are really safe.