Opinion poll - 797 features

Have we not learned how inefficient more than 2 engines can be?


I’ll link my post in the other thread:

I just want to add that Boeing might offer an option between raked wingtips and split scimitar winglets for long-haul and short-haul customers, respectively. But that’s pure speculation since I have no idea what kind of complexity (and most importantly, weight) this option may add to the design.


More than likely the 797 will fill the gap between the 737Max and the 787

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If it ain’t Boeing, I ain’t going.


Some poll options are just nonsense.

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It is going to be the plane that fills the 200-300 seat market, so it is not going to be one of the giants we know and love.


It’s small because Boeing is smart enough to realize that there is less demand for giant aircraft that can fit half of the population of Rhode Island. It’s primarily a replacement for the aging 757’s that were the perfect middle of the market aircraft, not to big, not too small.

797 should replace 757. 757 are showing their age and the only thing that’s close to the 757 is the A321LR. Airlines don’t nees another 10k nm range plane, or another plane that can hold 500 people. Airlines need something to replace older, inefficient aircraft.

Boeing is dominating the long range market with two great options, the 787 series and 777 series. They do great in short haul with the 737 series. They did well with the medium haul with the 767 and 757. The 767 has had renewed interest, but the 757 really hasn’t.

Also I doubt Boeing with ever be a contender in the very short haul market, Bombardier and Embarer have that market sealed pretty tightly.

Just want to say funny how one person brings up the 797 and now every topic seems to be about the 797

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I’m gonna pull a dush and vote for all ;)

I’m going to hop on the 757 replacement bandwagon. Probably 240 seats with like 6500 miles range is my guess

I don’t think this plane will run with anything less than 200. 200 is basically an a321

I hope it’s a jet fuel battery electric hybrid type.

The engines and the deck part is Quite unnecessary, but I think it would be good to have less than 4hundred seats so airlines could transport less people on much longer routes with a more than 10,000 range

I look towards the confirmation of this aircraft from Boeing, however… I dread to think when people will request this aircraft to be added to IF. A few bad apples ruined the A350 thread.

I’m thinking A310 on the outside, but 73M in avionics.

I think the 797 is going to be a replacement for the 757/767 aircraft and be a medium-long haul aircraft.

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