Opinion on United Airlines

This is basically the only airline I’ve flown in my life, and it’s pretty good. But, on some flights with United wifi (which doesn’t work which skinks) they don’t have any other TVs on the seat backs or isle. But some flights have Direct TV seatback entertainment, or on demand movies/tvs on the seatbacks, both are very nice so…

  • I really like United
  • meh…
  • it’s horrible
  • never flown with United

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Flew with them a few weeks ago across the US. No complaints really. Small free snack on each flight. :)

I use to work for them. And as a costumer it’s ok. There alittle bit on the high side when it comes to Tickets. In my personal opinion, southwest is the way to go if flying within the country. Obviously.


Delays, delays, delays. That’s my experience with United.


I fly non rev so I hate them because they overbook flight all the time ahhhhhhh! I’ve flown it after Skywest had there planes repainted for United.

I have flown them for years, both before and after the merger, and overall have good experiences. They get a bad rap, but they really aren’t that bad. They are convenient for me since I live in Denver and they fly all over from here. I can think of many times where they have had a better fare than Southwest and it’s worked out well!

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I flew with them last year going on a missions trip (I will this year to ;)) and they were fine with me bc I had only flown Southwest before. I flew in an ERJ-145 & CRJ-700 to and from Houston and Birmingham AL and 737-900/800 (900 had the sky interior!) to and from Houston and Managua, Nicaragua. I liked them but cannot say if they are good/bad due to lack of diversity of airlines that I fly on. (Sorry for the wordy post :P)

I liked United (i only flew on their E145 and a320) but what they are doing on the 777 with the 2-5-2 thats just absurd and stupid. 3-4-3 is better if they really want to save money.

Stupid for them business wise or passenger wise?

Its probably better in business but for passanger thats just uncomfortable

I fly about 30k miles a year, bulk is on UA with a small amount spread between AA and DL. UA has improved over the last couple of years, and I’m happy to see fleet improvements reaching my home base (MSN). That said, the principal reason for my domestic loyalty is because their TPac fares usually beat DL and AA by a ways, by extension the airline that wins by long-haul business tends to win regional- Silver status may not be much, but bag fees and Econ Plus seating are decent enough perks to be loyal.

Agreed that the 2-5-2 is a bad move. I’m also not a fan of the newer slimline seats, although my chiropractor seems to enjoy profiting from them.

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The copied Copa’s livery.

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I’ve flown with United from JFK to Houston, and it was awful. No in-flight entertainment, the flight was late, the crew wasn’t very welcoming.

Other way around, sort of. Copa copied the Continental livery since Continental had a huge stake of ownership in Copa Airlines. Then when Continental and United merged, they kept the CO livery and the United name, which I still haven’t gotten used to.

Continental Livery in 1991: Airbus A300B4-103 - Continental Airlines | Aviation Photo #2777022 | Airliners.net

Copa Livery (Earliest date on Airliners.net, August 1999): Boeing 737-71Q - Copa Airlines | Aviation Photo #0048371 | Airliners.net

And United Livery today: Boeing 747-422 - United Airlines | Aviation Photo #2809584 | Airliners.net

There’s some good info on Wikipedia about it all: Copa Airlines - Wikipedia

I still wish United kept this logo: http://i.bnet.com/blogs/united-airlines-old-logo.jpg


My job requires a lot of air travel. We mainly use United, delta and American. The last six months of 2015 I flew over 100k miles with United, I rarely had delays or bad customer service. 95% of the time the flight attendants are great. I’d rather fly with United and delta over American any day. Americans flight attendants tend to be rude and with the 50k miles I flew with them in the last 6 months of 2015 I had tons of delays. This is just my opinion and experiences, I know it differs with each person .

Sadly United stopped flying to JFK and instead goes to Newark.

I did like it’s old logo.

I non-rev with United and it is pain when they always overbook flights. With United I’ve flown there: Brasilias, CRJ-700, A320/19, 737-800/900ER, 757,767,777, and 787. I like them because they are the first airline to fly the eco-skies United 737, which uses more environmentally friendly fuel. In all I like them they’re the airline that started my aviation liking.

Since I was extremely small (now I’m 15), United used to be the go-to airline for my family. I estimate we flew probably 50k a year and my dad I swear flew everyday. Surprisingly, he wasn’t air crew actually worked in engineering. He got lifetime Star Alliance Gold, and we never really thought any airline would be better than UAL. We were wrong though. Now, we prefer American Airlines if traveling in the US and literally do anything to avoid UAL. Working on our OneWorld membership now. My dad is Emerald and the rest of us Sapphire. I think American is much better and all the other airlines I flew were also better. UAL was most of the time terrible for us and maybe a few times excellent. I would recommend American though…

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I would fly with UAL. Those prices though.

But I guess every airline has it’s flaw.

United’s flaw is prices,
Delta’s flaw is Atlanta,
American just has the crappiest service around.