Opinion on U.S Budget Airlines - Part II "The Comparison"

JetBlue is the most well rounded airline. Definitely has the best transcon premium product with Mint, and the best economy experience with great legroom and snacks. Hopefully they begin INTL ops soon with the A321LR.

I personally will never fly Southwest if I can avoid it because I prefer to have a reserved seat.

Only airline I’d fly if I had the choice would be Frontier hands down. Might try JetBlue but not if Frontier had a good price. Never would chose Spirit.

Southwest is by far my favorite. Gets me to and from my destinations safely, and makes it a great experience !

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@SkyHighGuys Would you ever fly SW again? You’ve flown it before, right?

JetBlue is hands down the best budget airline ever


I agree with you a 100%. I am flying with them tomorrow from San Juan to Bradley. The crew was very friendly and the pilots even let me in the cockpit before takeoff! Also who doesn’t like free WiFi across the US and free snacks?


What’s your least favorite out of these five?

  • Frontier
  • Spirit
  • Southwest
  • JetBlue
  • Allegiant

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I’ve flown them but they are just to bland. Didn’t feel very welcomed when I flew them. So probably not anytime soon.

Happy to say I love Southwest :). Seating anywhere is amazing, and the staff were really awesome!


European Budget carriers are much better in terms of business model.

Jetblue is GOAT(Greatest Of All Time). They provide the best service out of any US carrier, their regular economy is amazingly spacious and comfortable, TVs at every seat, even the old interiors are extremely comfy and they provide great value and are constantly improving, and have free bags and snacks. TBH, I would barely consider B6 an LCC and certainly not if they go TATL. Haven’t been at their Boston hub but their JFK terminal is definitely in my experience the best at JFK, and I have been at 1, 4, 5, 7, and 8. They are my choice for short haul within the US. They even let me in the cockpit before takeoff and after landing on my most recent trip with them. I love Jetblue.

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@FBWFTW would enjoy reading this

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Pretty sure you have to pay from what I saw.

I was talking about carry-ons, as I never check bags.

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I’m fortunate to have flown many airlines in the states, including most of these budget airlines. Discounting the fiasco that is Allegiant Airlines, you get basically the same thing at ALL airlines, from Delta down to Spirit. The difference is how they deliver the service.

With your budget airlines, you pay for what you get. This means if you’re traveling somewhere for a weekend and can pack just a carry on (or better yet fit your belongings into a small backpack), you come out on the cheap end of things. Also, if you’re not someone who eats snacks on planes, you again come out cheaper as you dont’ have that added expense. Where you start to run up the bill is if you check a bag, picked a preferred seat and/or buy snacks on board, your overall cost is nearly equal to that of a bigger carrier. If this is the case, go with the mainline carrier over the budget. The big difference between the two is the customer service. Bigger air carriers, such as Delta and American, for example, have the infrastructure in place to handle customer dissatisfaction and the occasional surprise hiccup.

For example, I flew from LAS-MSY on Spirit last year. When I got to the ticket counter, I was 3 minutes past the 45-minute check in time for travelers with checked bags. I travel often and with bigger carriers, this has not been an issue. They have been willing to work with me and find a solution. Spirits solution was to decalre that I missed the flight (even though It was no where near leaving) and I had to take the flight offered later in the day. This came with an additional $100 dollar fee for each person. At a bigger airline, this would have been handled in a better way (I know because I’ve had it happen.)

I really like budget airlines, depending on the flight. I think they’re great for people that need to be more budget conscious when booking a flight. They do, however, tend to not be very customer friendly, and end up costing the customer more money in the long run vs. their competition.

My opinion: Spend the extra money upfront and avoid budget airlines when possible. Your wallet and sanity will thank you for it.


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