Opinion on the DC-10 and MD-11

Post your opinion about the DC-10 and or MD-11


Early design flaws hurt the reputation of the two but they are both very versatile aircraft especially the DC-10.


I do not like the DC-10. It directly led to the Concorde being retired.

The MD-11 for the most part fixed a lot of the things that were wrong with the DC-10.


It depends but agreed


I feel like it played a large role, but wasn’t directly drawn to it. Keep in mind fuel costs and consumption was astronomical for the airline. Yes, it was a big part, but not a direct causation.


MD-11 is the beast…that’s it…no really that’s my opinion

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Third gear truck. Looks cool and is a very recognizable aircraft, very one of a kind.

We need both of them and if they are added I will like the top engine reverse thrust.

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A turning point in aviation in my opinion the Dc-10 was. Perfect for Airlines that want a high capacity and have less range while it did have problems they were fixed and the MD-11 is just a slightly upgraded version of the DC-10 in my opinion.

Never heard of DC-10 being the cause of Concords retirement. Could you explaine why?

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I don’t have a lot of knowledge of either but they are pretty good looking aircraft.

The part the Concorde ran over, which caused the accident, was lost by a DC-10 that took off from the same runway earlier.
Someone was to blame for a faulty repair and of course not the type of aircraft.


Don’t forget the KC-10 and MD-10.

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They were both an absolute joke. Boring and unsafe.

The MD11 in particular missed it’s fuel burn targets by a mile, causing Delta and American Airlines to get rid of them quickly.
The MD11 also had a unnerving tendency to land on it’s roof…

The DC10 was known as the death cruiser in the early years and had an atrocious safety record.

The MD11 was out classed by the A340 and 777, the DC10 was thankfully stopped in it’s tracks by the 767.

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I don’t want an aircraft which will be retired soon


[SARCASM] Yeah! Let’s get rid of all the aircraft that aren’t flying anymore! [/SARCASM]


My opinion is too many feature requests about it on a flight sim’s forum. :P


Hop fully not aded after the c130 a330 and a340 before

You can’t just blame a plane for triggering a design flaw to become deadly.

The DC-10 was so triggered when it didn’t get a mustache that it crashed and had problems a lot. And the MD-11 was a cool sweet jazz with a mustache flowing in he wind.