Opinion on the Airbus A388

Throughout the forum, I am seeing some scattered opinions on the A388. I mean, I’m personally not an Airbus guy but the A388 is my favourite long range airliner out there.
However, I have seen people that hate the A380 with a burning passion and I have seen some people that actually like it.
I would like to settle this for myself to see the community’s opinion on this. Feel free to vote and comment below.
This is not an Airbus vs Boeing thread, any arguments related to that will be flagged as off topic.

  • It’s my favorite plane
  • I like it
  • Neutral
  • I don’t like it
  • I hate it

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You meant “aircraft”, right? ;)

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Potato Potatoe, it doesn’t matter.


Tomato tomatoe, doesn’t matter… ;) back on topic


No I don’t. My favourite aircraft is the Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird 😍


It’s an amazing airplane, although from a business perspective, Airbus screwed up. If they had been 10 years earlier with the release, or modified the design so it could carry cargo, then it would have had a long future ahead of it.


I’m flying on LH’s A380 FRA-JFK on January 1st. Stay tuned for a flight report!

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Yes, please keep me updated!
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Wanna know some interesting facts about the A388?

It’s the first Super/Heavy airplane made by either Boeing or Airbus to actually make a company loose money.
It’s the first aircraft to be retired within 10 years of service when SIA retired there first one.
It cost more to operate per hour then the 747.
Airbus looses money on it everyday they make it


Being an IFATC I can tell you I don’t enjoy this aircraft when it spawns at places it shouldn’t be…


Fact: Ugly whale that is really fat.


Producing aircraft are causing Airbus to stay in the black, the one cost is the initial development cost, however, Airbus’ goal was to just break even and if they get just a few more orders they will accomplish that.

src: http://www.airliners.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=1359533

Well, it’s bigger and has more powerful engines, of course, it will cost more. However, it seats more and brings in more profit.

Singapore Airlines had a 10 year on the bird and as the production of most aircraft continues small redesigns occur to make the newer aircraft more efficient. Once the lease was up SIA decided to not renew it and to purchase new, cleaner, birds. SIA still has 5 more orders, they are not phasing the bird out.

I do not think the A380 is the best aircraft of all time, however, I do think it is a good aircraft and there are common, perpetuated misconceptions.


FACT !!! lol

ts1 is addicted to a380 all i can say i cannot bear to fly it on infinte flight so bad quality

Opinion !!!

irl i think its quite cool maybe not so majestic as a 787 or 737max or even a 747/777 or A350


I think it’s a very nice airliner. Watching the big thing takeoff and land is just marvelous. Also, it is SURPRISINGLY quiet inside, even the main deck is quieter than the 747-8’s upper deck. Many people say its fat and ugly, but in my opinion, it doesn’t look bad at all; in fact I think it’s beautiful.

many people might look at me as an Airbus fan, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. I love both Airbus and Boeing a LOT. They make stunning planes, and I don’t see why I need to choose a “side” to be on…


To my oppinion they look pretty cool!

It’s not the worst aircraft out there, but it is far from my favorite. I will always be more of a fan of the 747.

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I wouldn’t say it’s my favourite plane but it is sure a spectacular sight to see while plane spotting.

I like it caused it wasted tons of Airbus resources and allowed the 787 to get a head start.

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I do consider the A380 to be an ugly aircraft. However, having flown on one from Dubai to Melbourne, I can tell you that it is a quiet and comfortable aircraft on the inside, where the plane’s exterior looks don’t matter. From a passenger’s perspective, it’s great. From the perspective of someone like myself, where looks, noise and excitement are important, the A380 is just bland and boring when looked at next to any B747 or B777, and especially so when compared to some of the older generation airliners, such as the B707, VC10, Tristar, DC10, IL86, TU154 etc.

As a passenger I have flown plenty of long haul routes in the last 24 months in several differs types of aircraft in different cabin classes. Have to say that for all classes the A380 is best from a passengers perspective however as an AvFan I have to say my preference is for the B777!

From a business perspective the B787, A350 and B777x families will be the future for the next 15 years on the long haul market.

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