Opinion on my next Event?

G’day community

I had to lmao

I’m planning on making an event in January/February, in London, using 5 different airports. Similar to the Regular Event in Australia, you fly out at the same time from 5 underrated London Airports at the same time. Charts would be provided for us to use, and real procedures too. Depending on how many of us sign up, there is a possibility there could be ATC.

I’ve completed 2 out of 5 airports so far…


This is what I’ve decided as a date so far:


Sometime in early 2020, and at 2019-09-30T20:00:00Z

Of course, not today, but the time. Let me know your opinion on this, I may make the event 5-6 hours earlier to suit the Brits.

Let me know your opinion down below In the comments!

I’m making the event by myself fully 🤠.


Aren’t you a Brit?

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What about us Aussie’s? The time you currently have is perfect 6 in the morning nothing better. Anyway I wish you luck with the event.


It’s very difficult to support the whole world. 😬

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Yes. I am usually awake until about 2am on Saturdays. Oh and yes the event will be on a Saturday.

Great and Happy to see you have taken inspiration from our Australiasian Event, is Regulars hosted in August.

I wish you the best of luck with your own iteration of such a event and you could possibly expect me to join when the thread is done. As for the preliminary 2000Z on Saturday time of the event, it sure does suit my schedule too :)


Aye that’s our thing ;)

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Great to hear! 🤠 I’ve made a few Canadian events in the past which I’d say are event-worthy, but I’m aiming for top quality now! I’d love to see a location with all airports active and running with trained IFATC!

I had to, referencing to @Qantas094, knowing he would see this 😂.


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