Opinion on JetBlue

Personally, I think they are one of the best airlines.

  • Love JetBlue
  • Eh, They’re Ok
  • Hate JetBlue
  • Never Flown With JetBlue

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There okay. They have pretty good customer service and decent food.

Love JetBlue, awesome legroom, Ambient cabin, Free Wifi :P


Really? United charges 15$ for it. And I read the signal disappears at some points.

JetBlue was testing it when I flew with them, so free. :D

its pretty stable, I played IF live on that. ;)


Never flown it and probably never will. Seems similar to Jetstar.

I think JetBlue is ok. I love the planes, except the part when we have turbulence. At least 5 times JetBlue didn’t server food!

I love jetblue, but unfortunately, the prices are way high as it is a business airline. They don’t have ideal prices for vacations (something Southwest may beat), but they have the best service nevertheless. I hope to again fly with them, this time to St Maarten.

Love JetBlue. Free wifi and a good entertainment system. I can’t comment on prices compared to their competition though.

My brother’s friends dad is a pilot for JetBlue.

It is definitely not similar to Jetstar. Jetstar is a low-cost airline with minimal benefits, poor legroom, etc, whilst Jetblue is a high-end airline with the most legroom on American carriers and media on every plane.

From what I’ve heard and seen, it doesn’t look that much different.

JetBlue has better entertainment, free first bags etc. Overall they just aren’t similar. JetBlue is WAY better.

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Well looking at it, as I stated Jetblue carries free media and internet, and along with it, on their A320s, there is a seat pitch of 34 inches, and in Even More Space, you can get seats up to 38 inches in pitch. This compared to Jetstar’s 29 inches on the same aircraft. It’s more a business airline than one for leisure.

Lets not forget their amazing mint experience on the a321.

Now I can relate it to Virgin Australia. ;)

Yeah, it’s more like that.

I love JetBlue. I have got to say, they are my favorite american airline. :)

I’d like to fly for them one day, no experiences so far though.

In my opinion they’re way better than other airlines in the US…cough cough southwest