Opinion on Gate Naming?

BTW just a side note… Since most people seem to like the T2 G2 Apron 2 set-up, can this be applied to all airports in all regions (this would mainly be consequential with bravo and charlie airports)?

Rock that would be my intent. In case you had noticed ai have been combing through all of the Bravo airports over the last few months. Many of these airports now have a full complement of gates many are still to be done. I will hopefully go back through all of the Bravos I gave done so far and attempt to use a consistent term.


For example

T2 Gate 23 - Apron 23

Concourse G Gate 16 - Apron 716


Recognize that one size doesn’t fit all, I will attempt to please the majority. 😀

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There is no way for us to draw this. The only “drawing” tool we have is taxi lines, and those aren’t accurate

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In IF you’re a pilot, so I’ve chosen the parking name as it’s seen from the pilot’s view (Parking 36).

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Everything we design on WED needs to have an object that would show up in Infinite Flight. Philippe would have to make an object, and it would have variables that are dependent on the airport editor’s input

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However as a pilot when your boarding your aircraft, normally you would be instructed that aircraft is at Terminal 2, Gate 25 (for example)?

Wow this is like a tennis match. I really want to try and keep everyone happy. Right now I suggested Tname and Apron name. Maybe in the future we will have a graphic start page 😀

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Thank you for all the work you are putting into this. Obviously not everyone can be happy with something, but what you have suggested sounds like a good compromise for IF users. Your work on this is really appreciated!

Done, 259 Gates at KLAX: http://kiltmchaggis.com/tikiwiki1/tiki-index.php?page=KLAXLIST

Very impressive. Thanks!

KEWR: Newark Liberty has now been remodelled. You can see the new layout here and the new gate names. Please comment on Gate Names

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Thank you sir this one was a monster. Working KSWF next then on to Bravos in Paris area. I believe Axelbeder has a few of these in hand.

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i would love this for global flight and mostly since you might want to copy your favorite routes like mine ual219 starts at gate B17 at ord chicago and ends at terminal m gate 12 at hnl int’l honolulu