Opinion on future VTOL aircraft in Infinite Flight?

Hi everyone!

I’ve been with Infinite Flight since 2016/17 before the Global update and I’ve just wanted to hear everyone’s opinions on seeing future VTOL aircraft in Infinite Flight.

e.g. Helicopters, VTOL fighters, and stuff like the V22 Osprey

I’ll emphasize this before people direct him to the feature topics


Please vote for #features topics like the F-35 here

This is the VTOL version.

But yeah I do want more, but we don’t want VTOL Aircraft to be abused by trolls

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My issue with VTOL fixed wing aircraft is their lack of presence IRL. These are very specialized aircraft not often produced in large quantities. In regards to verticle takeoff and landing, I think helicopters would be more appropriate for fulfilling the role these aircraft provide.

I think that IF’s first Helicopter should be a good old R-22.

However I don’t think it will come until we have more complex scenery and building. The whole purpose of a helicopter is sightseeing, and with 15-meters-per-pixel imagery it’s useless to go “sightseeing”.

I think helis will be hard to implement for the following reasons:

  • Controlling them will be difficult

Imagine dealing with rotor inputs, tiller (I think that’s it) all while trying to meticulously fly the craft. Better UI will be required.

  • Bases/Helipads

Will need to be added for better levels of realism, also what about medical helis? It would be unrealistic to fly from any where but a hospital, which would be difficult to implement without three-D buildings.

  • Flight dynamics

These will be hard to attain and accurately simulate.

  • Probably many others I don’t know about

In regards to other VTOLS (eg. Osprey, F-35, etc.)… just… no. Too difficult to control and simulate with the realism IF is known for.



He wasn’t voting on anything he just wanted an opinion 😂


I disagree with this. Other mobile sims don’t have anywhere close to the same quality satellite imagery. I don’t think you need to wait for that IMO.

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But do they have helis? The only one I know is Aerofly FS2021, in which has 3D buildings and complex scenery.

Yes, they have helis.

X-plane Mobile also has a heli. I’ve tried it and it’s very hard to control with the standard device tilt that’s used for mobile simulation, and I think almost impossible to use for precision landings like on top of hospitals or buildings as I tried to land in a square that simulated a helipad on the ramp and it took me a solid 47 tries before I was able to land in the square, though I must admit that I’m not the most skilled heli pilot.

But in terms of implementation into IF for VTOL and Helis, we would def need more complex scenery and some new control system other than just device tilt to be able to do precision landings.

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