Opinion on flying the 787

The 787 is not updated but the physics is not as outdated compared to 747 so is it still a nice aircraft to fly? What is ur opinion on this?


You’ve got to remember that the B787 was released later than the B747, and was one of the first planes to receive a rework that included it having detailed flap, aileron and spoiler animations, as well as the first plane to incorporate wingflex. So while it may be old, it isn’t as old as the B747 that has basically been untouched since it was introduced all those years ago.

I suppose the B787 is a nicer plane to fly compared to the B747.


Yea even tho the cockpit is not animated but it’s still a nice aircraft to fly because of the detail on the wing

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it would be cool for a B787 remodel

but I am sure there is more important things that need to come to the game like the exciting F18 coming to IF and the E jets

(thanks all the Staff in making this game fun keep up the great work)

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Yep Hopefully a 787 family rework in the future but for now we still have a lot of exciting update coming soon

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we sure do all we can do is wait patently 😊

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It’s okay, I guess. I would only fly it if I had to.

The 787 is an okay plane to fly but one problem I have with it is the fuel burn it’s so bad it drinks the fuel like an madman in Barcelona but my suggestion is put 2 more hours of fuel in.

That is true but dont forget the gear tilt that was changed in 21.1

I love flying the 787 with rework or no rework I still love it the same!

787 is one of my favorites to fly, simply because it wasn’t reworked so it’s lighter on my device

The Virgin Atlantic plane with crimson red engines is the most beautiful plane of IF.

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