Opinion of this imagery in IF (super high quality. Theoretical)

This video is not all about this kind of imagery. Just the beginning. What would you think if we had this in IF I think it would be absolutely incredible. I am aware that this will not happen any time soon. We need more powerful devices for it. If this is not beneficial to the community mods feel free to close it
This in my opinion would make the game so much more incredible. But with the cost it is currently impossible. I do see this kind of stuff having a lower cost in just a matter of a few years.

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Is this a better version of the satellite imagery we already have in Infinite Flight?

Yes this satellite imagery makes it so you can see individual lines in the road. And buildings that are there

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Then yes, I do agree with you on the impossibility at this moment. It’s going to take up a lot of space on mobile devices until they improve and they are going to take up a lot of RAM.

Let’s wait for the newer devices XD

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