Opinion: If you created an Airport

I think that I would kinda re-do VMMC.

#Gates, Stands and Hangars
11 Gates:

Gate 1: Air Macau, Xiamen Air, VivaMacau
Gate 2: Air Macau, EVA Air, VivaMacau
Gate 3: Air Macau, Transasia, VivaMacau
Gate 4: Air Macau, Philippine Airlines
Gate 5: Air Macau, EVA Air
Gate 6: Air Macau, Xiamen Air
Gate 7: Air Macau, China Airlines
Gate 8: Air Macau, Charter
Gate 9: Air Macau, Charter
Gate 10: A330, 747, 777
Gate 11: Jin Air, Busan Air

10 Stands:

Stand 1: Cebu Pacfic
Stand 2: AirAsia
Stand 3: AirAsia Thailand
Stand 4: TigerAir Taiwan
Stand 5: TigerAir
Stand 6: Xiamen Air
Stand 7: Air Macau, Viva Macau
Stand 8: Air Macau, Viva Macau
Stand 9: Charter
Stand 10: Charter

2 Hangars:
Hangar 1: Air Macau, Business Jets,
Hangar 2: Misc


MBAC (Macau Business Aviation Center):
Specially reserved for business and private jets, this is a small terminal on the West side of the apron.

8 Stands:
Stand 1: MacauJet
Stand 2: MacauJet
Stand 3: Wynn
Stand 4: Wynn
Stands 5, 6, 7, 8, 9: Misc

Cargo Handling Center:
Although Macau doesn’t get much cargo, there is still a need for a dedicated building. This is located on the East side of the apron.

5 Stands:
Stand 1: 727F, 737F, A300F, A310F
Stand 2: A330F, 757F, 767F,
Stand 3: 747F, 777F, AN124 (Yes, the AN-124 comes once a year)
Stand 4: Misc
Stand 5: Misc

The helipad is located next to the stands of the MBAC, and it’s considered part of MBAC.

#Operators and Destinations:
Air Macau: Bangkok, Singapore, Tokyo, Beijing, Chengdu, Shanghai, Xiamen, Fuzhou, Taipei, Kaohsiung, Chongqing, Hefei, Hangzhou, Ningbo, Fukuoka, Naning, Osaka, Seoul, Shenyang, Wenzhou, Taiyuan, Da Nang, Daegu, Manila, Phuket, Cebu,

Air Macau Fleet:
6 A319
10 A320
12 A321
2 757-200
1 A330-200

2 727-200
7 717-200
1 737-300
4 A321

I would also like to bring back VivaMacau, it was an airline that operated 767-200s before it ceased operations.

VivaMacau: Sydney, Guam, Ho Chi Minh, Mumbai, Sapporo, Honolulu, Moscow, Dubai, Kuala Lumpur

VivaMacau Fleet:
6 767-200
2 757-300
1 A340-300

Xiamen Air: Fuzhou, Xiamen, Tianjin, Dalian, Hangzhou, Quanzhou

AirAsia: Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Da Nang, Ho Chi Minh

EVA Air: Taipei, Kaohsiung, Taichung

Transasia: Taipei, Kaohsiung, Taichung

Cebu Pacific: Clark, Manila

Philippine Airlines: Manila

Air China: Wuhan

Shenzhen Airlines: Wuxi

Shanghai Airlines: Shanghai

China Eastern: Shanghai

China Southern: Wuhan

Jin Air: Seoul

Busan Air: Busan

TigerAir: Singapore

TigerAir Taiwan: Taipei

VietJet Air: Da Nang

Royalflight: St Petersburg, Moscow (767-300ER)
Lion Air: Koror, Airai (737-900ER)
Delta: Atlanta (777-200LR)
United: Los Angeles (787-8)

#Airport Info:

Runway: 12,000ft, 16/34
Night Curfew: None
Most Popular Route: Macau-Taipei
Largest Aircraft: AN-124/747-400
Current Construction Work: Demolishing the old ferry terminal to extend the apron, and adding an extra floor to the terminal, and maybe a dedicated plane spotters area with an unobstructed view of the apron. Runway extension to accompany the size of the apron, and new taxi way at the end of the new runway extension. image

Orange= Taxiways
Grey= Runway Extension
Red= Apron Extension

Note, some of these fleet and route info are made up, like Air Macau operating A330s, them flying to Phuket and Cebu, VivaMacau with 757s and them operating to Honolulu and Dubai. (There are way more) I wanted to have fun with this :)


I’m kinda lazy so I’ll just expand Tocumen with 4 new runways and terminals with luxurious architectures and connected with undergrounds. It will connect more destinations in Europe, Asia, Africa, Oceania. Very important airlines like Emirates, Etihad and Qatar will make PTY a focus city. Will have a terminal that will handle up to 20 A380s, will be the Mega Hub of the Americas. I’ll put 2 more control towers and a exclusive terminal for Copa Airlines! I’ll rename the airport as President Guerrero International Airport.


Small regional airport in hornsby heights so then I can fly to YSSY and anywhere else in the state. And not to drive to Sydney airport. This would be Sydney’s third airport.

Airport code Would be YSHH

4 runways 1L-1R or 10L-10R 2 are long enough to handle F100’s and 717-200’s. The other 2 are long enough for A330’s and 747’s

5 terminals 1 QantasLink, 2 virgin Australia, Virgin Regional, 3 REX, 4 Qantas and Jetstar, 5 international for airlines such as air Vanuatu, Air New Zealand, Air Kiribati and Fiji airways. All terminals are made of mostly steel, concrete and glass

6 heavy maintenance hangars and two paint hangars. 4 hangars owned by Qantas to maintain the aircraft stationed there. (Mostly 737, 717, Q400 and Jetstar A320’s)

Correction, It’s eleven thousand six hundred seventy five feet. That’s why I use “.” instead of “,” ;)

I think 11k ft is more than enough to land a 737


Vatican International, Vatican City
It would have 3 Terminals
1 - International (Around Europe)
British Airways
Turkish Airlines
Air France

Terminal 2 - International (From Asia, Africa and Australia)
Singapore Airlines
Malaysia Airlines
Garuda Indonesia
Vietnam Airlines
Royal Brunei
Royal Jordanian
Royal Air Maroc
Kenya Airways
South African Airways
Cathay Pacific
Japan Air Lines
All Nippon Airways
Korean Air
Air Koryo
China Southern
China Eastern
China Northern?
China Western?
Eva Air
Xiamen Air
Virgin Australia
Air New Zealand

Terminal 3 - International (America)
United Continental
Air Canada
And some others which names I forgot

13L - 31R - 12,500 ft
13C - 31C - 13,210 ft
13R - 31L - 12,250 ft
4L - 22R - 10,500 ft
4R - 22L - 11,120 ft


Probably wouldn’t even be able to make an airport that size in Vatican City. :D


Lol the airport would probably be bigger than the actual country. P.S. China Northern and China Western don’t exist.


Maybe he meant West Air (a Chinese Carrier) (?)


There was a china northwestern but they merged.
There also was a China Northern.


I would redo VOCI,VOTV and OKBK.


I would make Stamford international airport, the town right next to where I love. (No, not Stanford, StaMFord). It would have 3 runways (09L-27R, 09R-27L) and and a GA runway on the other side of the airport (11-29). Runways 9L/9R would be 12,000 x 175 ft. Runway 11 would be 6,000 x 100. It would have 5 terminals with gates and an express terminal that has staircases and buses. It has all aircraft from a Dash 8 to a 757 to a 747 to an A380. It has a cargo area next to runway 27R and the general aviation area has 3 flight schools, a charter airline and many business jets. It is a hub for Delta and JetBue, but American and United also operate there. 2 Emirates A380’s operate there each day from DXB. So does a Qatar A350 from Doha and an Etihad 777 from AUH. Qantas operates there every other day in a 747 and SAA flies an A340 from Caoe Town there. BA operates a 747 from there to Heathrow and Icelandair operates a 757. Also, an occasional Aer Lingus flight flies from there to Dublin.
The code is KSTM


Hey that’s cool I was born there.



Mine would be Grand Blanc City airport in grand Blanc mi. It wouldn’t have any airlines as A: it would be small B: Flint is nearby with bishop international so there is no reason this would have any commercial service. It would like I said be small and support general aviation with a small building for any sort of things needed and it would have some hangars, avfuel would be avalible and also some tie downs. It would have one runway and that is about it. Hopefully the airport code would be KGBC


Mine is going to be original…
Sheffield International Airport
53.376607 -1.338144
ICAO code:
IATA code:
3 (all main)
British Airways - Gibratlar, Heathrow, Gatwick, Amsterdam, Belfast, Glasgow, Paris, Luxembourg, New York JFK, Los Angeles, Hong Kong
Flybe - Heathrow, Gatwick, Southampton, Amsterdam, Dusseldorf, Stansted, Bristol, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Belfast
KLM - Amsterdam, Rotterdam
Easyjet - Madrid, Rome, Zurich, Athens, Budapest, Chisinau, Kiev, Moscow, Amsterdam
Wizzair - Budapest, Rome, Bern, Zurich, Madrid, Athens, Cyprus, Bucharest, Iasi
Ryanair - Madrid, Paris, Oslo, Sofia, Bucharest, Istanbul, Rome, Malta
Virgin Atlantic - New York JFK, San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego
Aer Lingus - Dublin, Cork, Belfast
Airberlin - Berlin, Dusseldorf
Emirates - Dubai International
Airfrance - Paris, Nice
Icelandair - (Iceland capital which is hard to spell), Nuuk
Airluxembourg - Luxembourg

Glass/steel type airport…


Probably New York city airport (bad name) just like London city airport
all airlines
1 runway


It could be an emergency landing airport…

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-turkish airlines
-pegasus airlines
-anadolu jet
-and all airways
5 or 6 runway
110 or 300 parking area

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I would probably make KMSP, Minneapolis St. Paul International.
Runways: 4
4/22 11,006
12R/30L 10,000
12L/30R 8,200
17/35 8,000
Airlines: Air Canada Express, Air Choice One, Air France, Alaska Airlines, Alaska Airlines( Skywest), American Airlines, American Eagle, Boutique Airlines, Condor, Delta Airlines, Delta Connection, Frontier Airlines, Icelandair, KLM, Southwest, Spirit, Sun Country, United, United Express, all of the corporate jets.


I’d just make an expansion on Norwich Intl (EGSH)(why have they cut me off on IF’s map lol) With only 9 stand sits not the biggest.


North Sydney International Airport. YNSY.
Be the main hub of Qantas and all Oneworld airlines would fly there. Now, there would be two runways and one terminal with room for 20 Aeroplanes. Not that big, but big enough. Oh, and final approach would be right over my school, so in class I can look out of the window and see planes. An cut the driving time to the airport by 80% for me