Opinion: If you created an Airport

Where would it be, What would it consist of and what airlines would fly there, etc. tell me about it I want to here what you think.


My airport would be where ever and ,y airlines would be
All airlines.


Waituna West airport.
Dedicated to my friend who lives in the small town of Waituna West.
Airport ICAO code- NZWW
Runway- 08/32 1200 feet long, 50 feet wide. No ILS or GPS approaches
Communication services- UNICOM, with ATIS
3 hangars.
Small general aviation aircraft would fly there.


I’d build the airport from F&F6 complete with 28 mile long runway.


My airport would be called East New York Airport. It would be a single terminal airport, handling mostly regional flights, and only US, Canada and maybe Mexican based airlines would operate out of it.


Does it have to be that long?


It has to be in order to recreate a 12 minute chase scene.


Mine would be:

Snowladen Bonaparte Airport

It would have one runway:

1R-4L: 6,500ft

It would be the most dangerous airport to approach in the world and would be located in the mountains in a Jungle it would be one of three airports in my fictional Micronation country of Snowladen:

Approach: At 4,000ft you descend into misty mountains (no not the Lord of the Rings or the Hobbit or anything like that) then you would make a 90° Right turn and then you briefly see the runway, you then do a quick 360° turn in any direction (typically right) to lose altitude, then you climb 100-300ft over more mountains and cut the power and start your final over a valley at 8,000ft Above Sea Level. 50m from the runway you fly directly over a hilly road/highway, and then over a mall, before flying over a fence, and touching down, if you land to early and miss the runway or you don’t get the glide slope right you will smash into the mall and explode, if you overshoot the rather short runway you will smash into a mountain that shoots up. Then you park at the terminal and take a cable car to the close by capital.

The Highway and mall are on a cliff and you typically pass 30ft over the roof of the mall, and it is a dangerous location to build anything.

There are 3 airlines, Delta Airlines flies 757’s from Atlanta, British Airways flys 777’s from London, and Snowladen International flies to 18 major international destinations on 3 continents with 747s, A310s, A330s, 777s, and DC10s. It is the most dangerous and busiest airport.


Then we would have another even more dangerous airport for RyanAir even though this is South America who cares.

The RyanAir Snowladen Deathport.

This airport has one runway and is located and an island cliff plateau and butte with steep drops and jungles on either side, and all sides in General. The Runway 16L-22R is 4,566 ft long and is deadly like the other airport with steep drops and jungles and killer waves from the ocean on either side.

The approach to Both Runways is easy but the approach to the other major Snowladish Airport I will discuss later intersects with the approach vector for the Snowladen RyanAir Deathport, Due to idiotic RyanAir pilots many accidents happen RyanAirSnowladen is the main subsidiary that flies here but it as just as dumb, stupid, dangerous, and just plain bad, as the real thing. They fly to locations all over Snowladen in 757s, and 737s, and RyanAir (the normal one) in 737s, along with DeathAir which flies MD-80s, DC-9s, and 737s across Snowladen and AeroSnowladenExpress known for short as ASE flies A320s, and A319s across Smowladen. The airport is extremely busy, dangerous and crowded, and does not fly to America, only to England, via a Stop in Cuba and New York on a 737 or 757, and destinations and flights in Snowladen which is my fictional country located in a South America like region more is coming soon bye for now:)



I’ll opt for the private jet on this one.

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My airport would be a direkt competitor of Munich Airport, and Lufthansa, and AirBerlin would both decide to set up hubs at my airport :D


  • Emirates (B777)
  • Qatar Airlines (a350)
  • Lufthansa (a340, a330, a380, b747-8, a321, and a320)
  • American Airlines (B777)
  • AirBerlin (a320, a321, b737)
  • Etihad (B777)
  • Austrian (Bombardier Dash-8 Q400)
  • Swiss (a321)
  • Qantas (a380)
  • Japan Airlines (B787)
  • TAP Portugal (a321)
  • Garuda Indonesia (a330)
  • Delta (a330)
  • Air Canada (B777)

If you only had one runway why have a left or right?


Francis Arsdale Airport

Location: Long Island, NY

Two runways: 04 - 17 / Asphalt / 9,500ft

09 - 35

17 and 35 equipped with ILS approach, 17 and 04 with GPS.

Three terminals, 75 gates. The largest aircraft that can be handled is the 777.

Terminal 1: Main hub for all U.S, Canada and Mexico flights.

  • United Airlines
  • jetBlue
  • WestJet
  • AeroMexico
  • Air Canada

Terminal 2: General Aviation aircraft, business, private and cargo airlines.

  • FedEx
  • DHL
  • UPS
  • GA
  • Business and Private

Terminal 3: All trans-atlantic flights along with more U.S and Canada flights.

  • Delta Connection
  • American Airlines
  • EasyJet
  • British Airways
  • KLM
  • Alaskan Airlines
  • Iran Air

My airport would be a 5 terminal international and domestic airport in San Francisco.

Hub for:

  • Virgin America

Focus City for:

  • United
  • JetBlue
  • Avianca
  • Lufthansa
  • Air Canada
  • Cathay Pacific
  • British Airways
  • Swiss


  • 15R/33L - 12,500ft.
  • 15L/33R - 12,500ft.


  • United (787-9, 757-200, 747-400, 737-800, A320)
  • Virgin America (A320, A319)
  • Virgin Atlantic (A330-300)
  • JetBlue (A321, A320)
  • Iberia (A330-200)
  • Avianca (787-8, A321)
  • Lufthansa (A380, A330)
  • Air Canada (787-9, 777-30ER)
  • Cathay Pacific (777-300ER, A350-900)
  • Singapore Airlines ( A350-900)
  • Aeroflot (777-300ER)
  • Air China (777-300ER)
  • Air France (A380)
  • Alitalia (A330-200)
  • American Airlines (787-9, 737-800, A320)
  • Delta (737-800)
  • Alaska Airlines (737-800)
  • Emirates (A380)
  • Etihad (A380)
  • EVA (777-300ER)
  • Finnar (A350-900)
  • Hawaiian (A330-200)
  • Japan Airlines (787-8)
  • Qatar (787-8)
  • Air Berlin (A330-200)
  • Aeromexico (787-9)
  • Air New Zealand (777-300ER)
  • Asiana (777-200ER)
  • British Airways (A380, 787-9)
  • Qantas (A380, A330-200)
  • Saudia (777-300ER)
  • Swiss (777-300ER, A330-300)
  • Edelweiss (A330-200)
  • Scandinavian (A340-300, A330-300)
  • TAP Portugal (A340-300)
  • Turkish (777-300ER, A340-300)

Could Air New Zealand send their 777-300ER’s there? 😉

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Sure, I like the 777 myself, why not?

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Mine would be in New York Or a popular state or country. Any plane is welcome and it will be very modern

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For me, My airport is “Bishun International Airport”. Located several miles from the city of Bishun, The Airport is directly connected with Expressways and High Speed Trains. The Airport is surrounded by Mountains. Making it hard to approach to this airport. Most of the surrounding areas are undeveloped tho. Making the airport isn’t as busy as the Capital’s Airport

There are 3 Terminal now (2 Satellites, 1 Main Terminal) on this airport. Terminal 1 is for Domestic and AirBishun flights to some Chinese cities and Hong Kong, While Terminal 2A & B are for Internationals. (Terminal 2A is only for Korean, Taiwanese, Chinese, and Japanese Flights, While routes to Europe or U.S are served via Terminal 2B).

Bishun Int’l Airport is also equipped with 3 Main Runways. All side with ILS :

  • 25R/03L (11.675ft)
  • 25L/03R (12.112ft)
  • 07/34 (13.000ft)

Runway 07/34 is also used by RSJAF which connected to the airport.

AirBishun has a HQ and a Hub in Bishun Int’l. Also taking the role as the main carrier in this airport. Previously, Southern Japan Airlines (a Japan Airlines subsidiary) and the defunct South Japan Airways have a hub in Bishun. However, Southern Japan Airlines moved their operations to the Xuecheng due to the “Monopoly Rule” on Bishun Int’l while South Japan Airways have to cease their hub in Bishun due to financial downturn. They moved to Haituo until they ceased their operations.

Before the new Capital (Xiaohai) is build, The airport holds a role as the main gateway for the country. Here is the list of some airlines operating to here

  • AirBishun (XUE, HTX, GZU) -Domestic, Terminal 1-
  • AirBishun (HZH, PEK, PVG, CAN, HKG, SYX, NKG, CTU, HRB, XIY, XMN) -International, Terminal 1-
  • Air France (CDG) -Terminal 2B-
  • Singapore Airlines (SIN) -Terminal 2B-
  • Nippon Airlines (XUE, HTX) -Terminal 1-
  • All Nippon Airways (NRT, HND, CTS, KIX) -Terminal 2A-
  • Japan Airlines (NRT, HND, CTS, KIX) -Terminal 2A-
  • KLM (AMS) -Terminal 2B-
  • Qantas (SYD, MEL) -Terminal 2B-
  • Thai Airways (BKK) -Terminal 2B-
  • Cathay Pacific (HKG) -International, Terminal 1-
  • Cathay Pacific (XUE, Operating for Nippon Airlines) -Domestic, Terminal 1-
  • AirAsia (BKI, KUL) -Terminal 2B-
  • Thai AirAsia (DMK) -Terminal 2B-
  • Air China (PEK, XMN) -Terminal 2A-
  • China Eastern (PVG) -Terminal 2A-
  • China Southern (CAN) -Terminal 2A-
  • Asiana Airlines (ICN) -Terminal 2A-
  • Korean Air (GMP, PUS) -Terminal 2A-
  • China Airlines (TPE) -Terminal 2A-
  • EVA Air (TPE) -Terminal 2A-
  • Air Canada (YVR) -All Seasonal Charter, Terminal 2B-
  • Emirates (DXB) -Terminal 2B-
  • Qatar (DOH) -Terminal 2B-
  • American Airlines (LAX, SFO) -All Seasonal, Terminal 2B-
  • United Airlines (NRT) -Terminal 2A-
  • Tigerair Taiwan (TPE, KHH) -Terminal 2A-
  • Tigerair (SIN) -Terminal 2B-
  • Cebu Pacific (MNL, CEB) -Terminal 2B-
  • Vietnam Airlines (HAN, SGN) -Terminal 2B-
  • Lufthansa (FRA) -Seasonal, Terminal 2B-
  • British Airways (LHR) -Terminal 2B-
  • Turkish Airlines (IST) -Terminal 2B-
  • Garuda Indonesia (CGK, DPS) -Terminal 2B-
  • Philippine Airlines (MNL) -Terminal 2B-

Terminal 1: Long Haul
British Airways- Long haul fleet
Virgin Atlantic- B789/A336/B744
Thomson- B788/B789
Thomas Cook- A333/A332
Qatar- B788/A359
Emirates- A380
Etihad- A380
Singapore Airlines- A359
Qantas- A380
American Airlines- B773/B789
Delta Airlines- B789/B772
Latam- A359/B789
Ethiopian- A359
South African- A346

Terminal 2: Short/Medium Haul
Thomson- B752/B738
Monarch- A320/A321
British Airways- A318/A319/A320/A321
Air France- A320/A321
Lufthansa- A320/A321
Aeroflot- A320
Iberia- A320/A321
Jet2- B752/B738/B733
EasyJet- A319/A320
Thomas Cook- A321
Swiss- A320
Alitalia- A320
Aer Lingus- A320/A321
Flybe- ERJ190/ERJ195

Terminal 3: Domestic
British Airways- A319/A320/A321
Flybe- ERJ190/ERJ195/DH8D
EasyJet- A319/A320

No points for guessing where it is!!

Even with me at the controls, your not gonna get 737 on to a 11 foot runway. It’s not going to happen, let me tell you…