Operator ATC Tracking thread (closed)


You’re welcome. HMU your next tracking thread and I’ll come over again.

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The 8s should’ve been better but I know you didn’t wanna be bored so… 4 did well for some slight cross wind. Lol


My passengers ran out of air sickness bags haha.

Nice work tonight. Only one minor thing, but sounds like you picked up on it yourself.

Thanks for the service.

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Thanks for coming by I have recordings of them tight patterns they looked awesome. I’ll edit it later and link you the vid if you want.


They were a little rough last night haha 😬😬 but I’m glad they were entertaining


The one I got on recording was smooth


Phew!! Haha


Opened , approach from the west depart to the east. Thank you!


Did you open Approach frequency, or did you forget to add a comma somewhere?

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Negative I did not open approach let me check my thread. Ty, it is now fixed.

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  • Departing RW - 12L & 12R
  • landing RW - 12L & 12R
  • Pattern Work - Allowed (obviously)
  • Airport Elevation - 62ft
  • Wind Headings - 190@ 6knots
  • Airspace - Bravo
  • Aircraft type - Any
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Hey there you can expect me
Callsign : HNM23
Plane : 737

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Thank you come on by. Ty for coming by. I have to say that is the tightest pattern I’ve seen anyone fly 738. Very nice and ty for your time.

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Firstly thanks for your service ,I enjoyed doing patterns
Here is what I noticed

  • when I asked for change to runway 30R it would have been more suitable to give enter right downwind command instead of left downwind as there were no other planes there
  • exit command was given when I was at 98kts which is too early
    Give it when I am below 70 (roughly) for jets
  • good use of hold position at gate for the other plane! but try using give way command
  • all ground instructions were good
  • you know to sequence and clear
  • perfect timing for clearing someone
  • a little slow in giving pattern instructions but it was good though.
    On the whole you did really good!
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Thank very much…noted on all feedback and again ty.

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Winds changed direction just now switching rwy clearances
Use runways 12L & 12R
Crosswinds blowing 190 @ 6 knots.


Is that…


Shhhhhhh be silent ninja! Lol hi bud.


Opening for pattern work come try out your new recording features.

Using runways 23L and 23R


Ummmm… Where?