Operator ATC Tracking thread (closed)


Annddd. There goes my phone. Oh dear

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Enter right down wind 4L…

Number one clear for the option after the option make right traffic.

How’s that?


Runway change was good. This is just for reminder purposes only.

For Honolulu, transition altitude should be set at like 2500ft since the elevation is 13.

When you choose runways, try not to use the lights to guide you. They are as stated, just a helping tool. Use the METARs to determine the runways. If you have a headwind, your choice is probably correct.

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Wouldn’t make left traffic be better? To have two runways in use, parallel to each other, and to have traffic going in the same direction for parallel runways is like…


Left traffic for 4L would be better.

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So metars…050 @ 12 knots


wind: ENE at 15 knots, gusting to 25 knots


Wait what does METARS in game read?


Now it’s 070 @ 15 with gust of 25


My post removed?


Which post are you talking about?


Idk ok so with these winds these rwys are gtg?


Here is the METAR off ifatc

METAR: PHNL 080553Z 07015G25KT 10SM -RA FEW024 FEW036 SCT050 23/15 A3013 RMK AO2 PK WND 08027/0516 RAB52 SLP203 P0000 60000 T02330150 10272 20233 53017


Rwy 8 s would the best ? Almost direct headwind?


Roger. Roger


Yes Eddie. Those runways will work. Jesus I am so exhausted I can’t think properly.

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Be there in a sec - N104MC

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Bro your so helpful ty for always coming in to give feed back

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Roger that


Wowzers there’s some wind blowing