Operator ATC Tracking thread (closed)


Was that a planned ground conflict. I did give a give way command and that delta guy kept cutting in line then he jumped on tower freq while still taxing. I didn’t know what to do other then tell him to get back on ground. I was also looking around for don’t cut in line.

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No they weren’t with me. The don’t cut in line should be under misc messages. But honestly in training, there really isn’t much things you can do with traffic straight up not listening. It’s what frustrates me the most about controlling on that server.


Question on first take off… with possible arrivals … how long before you give sequences for planes in the pattern. Today it’s easy only one pattern with departures. But when’s it’s busy? Should you hold of on giving sequences (when more then one aircraft)?

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I mean ye I get “don’t keep secrets”. As per the tutorial videos

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I usually sequence on crosswind and clear on downwind.


That’s a good one right there. That’s what I’m going to do from now on

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Jfk training server
Landing and departure : 31L 31R and 22L 22R
Patterns allowed


Back at it again this time in my home state PHNL. IFATCs if available come on by fly, enjoy the view and leave your reviews here in the thread. Thank you!
Runways 8L 8R and 4L and 4R for departing and arrivals.
Pattern work allowed.


Reloacated to KJFK


Training? Tower or ground?


Training tower and ground.


Sorry about that, aircraft lost control and stallled,

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To the guy that would not comply getting in the runway on the side that is closed having me enter in remarks for you to exit, contact ground and even landing on top of others thank you.


It happens long as you didn’t get any violations it’s all good. Thank you for coming by.


I’ll come by if you reopen!

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Thanks man currently airborne I’ll tag you next time.


8L 8R and 4L and 4R PHNL. Come on down … or out q

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Uh. I’ll try to stop by. Not sure how it’s going to work because its 12am for me…But I’ll see what I can do wait a few minutes.

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Take your time man ty


Coming out for a real short pattern