Operator ATC Tracking thread (closed)

Username:Operater FDXVA
Current operations count: `1269
Location: KIND
Frequencies: Ground and Tower
Server: Training
Open hours: 2019-04-22T19:30:00Z to


  • Practicing for my practical exam
  • Need ground work experience and the ability to give give way/stand by/hold position commands during busy ground traffic.
  • Need heavy pattern work(the more the better)
  • Need occasional traffic for inbound aircraft on the ILS/GPS/visual along with pattern work for sequencing work.
  • Need aircraft to fly in “into” my airspace requesting transitions to insure I give proper commands.
  • Need mixture of different aircraft types to fly pattern for re sequencing and separation scenarios.
  • Lastly I will need professional and to the point feedback so I can further apply them into my ATC abilities.

Thanks in advance for all of your support. I greatly appreciate your participation in helping me become a better ATC and creating a more enjoyable environment for the IF community!


Thank you Mac

Hey Eddie. Some feedback…

  • I asked for a transition, you said “stand by”, then asked for intentions. I already stated my intentions, it was to fly over the airport.

  • The transition altitude you issued me was 3500ft. Amsterdam is -11ft in game? That means your transition altitude should have been at 2500ft instead of 3500ft. Jets in transition usually fly at 1500ft, so your transition altitude should be 1000ft above that. Which means, you transition altitude should be 2500ft above the airport elevation.

  • You told Air China 101 to join your frequency. On your first call to him to join your frequency, he was not yet in your airspace. Reference to the ATC manual below.

  • I don’t know if it was something with your connection, but your response time seemed to be a little late. In situations where there are lots of planes waiting for takeoff or any clearance, you need to issue them quicker.

Check out the ATC manual above. It will help you with additional information that will be useful for your ATC progress.


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Thank you
I was thrown completely off on the transition and totally not prepared for a aircraft leaving the runway to turn back around with a transition.

Internet did keep cutting out but after that one request I was just not able to comprehend quickly enough.

Very good lesson you sent me.

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Very greatful you spent the time to provide that little bit of training.

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Your welcome. Leave me a message the next time you open up and I’ll try to stop by again!

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Will do! Thanks again… good day

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Come fly it’s a pretty day…crosswinds kinda day. Patterns welcomed.
Airport: KATL
Departing and landing RWY: 27R, 27L, 26R,26L and 28
Looking for feed back as I am in need of training for the practical exam.


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Coming in 2 min. Lemme finish up my session.

Roger that

Did I miss something I thought you took off

I need to fix something be right back

One thing I did catch. As soon as the other plane leaves the ground, you can clear me for takeoff right away. No need for the hold short or LUAW.

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My controls are completely broken.

Well my phone just died I better get back on there

I fixed. Hopefully better this time

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Coming out now

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That departure arrival scene… how would you have done that ? 3 nm tight base I thought it was enough time. It was not

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  • I know you caught it the second time, but when I’m doing patterns, you have to clear me for the option, not to land.

  • When I take off, you tell me “Cleared for takeoff, runway xx, make xxxx traffic.” When you give me a clearance for the option, you don’t need to restate the traffic part, as you already told me which direction to fly in on the initial takeoff command. Only add the traffic command when you are switching runways/go around.

  • Good go around call, you would have had me landing on top of another airplane. Transition altitude was good as well.

  • Pattern entries are a must for runway changes. You missed both runway changes. A good call in that situation would have been: “Enter xxxx downwind, runway xx.”

  • While I was overhead, I saw that you had conflict between two aircraft in the ground. If an aircraft is pushing back, tell the other aircraft in the vacinity either to hold position, or to give way to a certain aircraft pushing back. As I was not on the ground freq, I don’t know specifics. The aircraft maybe didn’t listen to your commands. (Training server…after all…)

Other than that, nothing more I can talk about. Good job though!!!

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No you did good. If it was normal, I would have kept at my speed and he had enough room to do immediate takeoff. I sped up a little to draw a go around.