Someone please explain the atc operations as I want to be a atc for the expert server but I only have 85 operations pls help thx


Operations for tower and ground are based on clearances such as taxi, takeoff, and landing.

For radar it is clearances and vectors. You get the most operations controlling approach


While what @Drummer said is correct, I highly advise you to not control radar a ton yet, and practice your tower/ground skills more. Sure, it may take more time, but you will control local frequencies (Non-radar) for quite a while (at least 2 months) before beginning to progress to becoming a radar controller. I would recommend starting a tracking thread, more info on this topic here. That will help you get knowledgeable IFC members in your airspace that will know what they’re doing to give you traffic and feedback until you get enough operations to apply for IFATC.


Thanks the operations number was not updating I had to refresh the app so see the updated operations number

Whilst we are talking about this topic, where do you see how many operations you’ve done?

It’s embarrassing but I’ve just never looked for the numbers

Select “Air Traffic Control” and look in the top right corner.

Also you need 500 operations to apply.


Making an ATC tracking thread is a great way for members of the community to come to a place you’re controlling and for you to get more operations. Here’s instructions for how to make one!

A Guide To Creating An ATC Tracking Thread

I’ve had infinite flight PRO for a total of 2 months (about to get it again soon) and I’m on 807 operations. I would mostly operate on approach and I became quite good at operating approach on busy airports.
If you want to top up your operations, I would say to operate approach

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