I have another operation problem so I was controlling at JFK for 30 minutes and it had a good amount of traffic with many takeoffs and landing but after I was done my operations only went up by 1.

Have you restarted the app since?

It usually refreshes after this,

Yeah I just did that

How many takeoff/landing clearances did you give?

At least 15

Are you sure? I’ve noticed a lot of people on TS use the sequencing instead of the clearances

I say for example number 1 cleared to land runway 13L

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Maybe it needs a little longer to update. Do you have a good internet connection?

Yeah I have good connection

it will probably just take some time in longer sessions it usually takes longer to refresh dont worry you’ll get them just give it time :)

But it did update it went up by 1

hmm welp idk I feel like I get scammed by the operation system all the time so It might just be something you’ll have to deal with

Ok I’ll just wait I guess I’m trying to make it to the IFATC and I need more operations.

Yeah I feel your pain Im currently on the same little misson and its been taking me forever too

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