Operations won’t go up

I have been doing ATC for a while and I want to try and join IFATC but I need to get more operations but they won’t go up I have been stuck at 288 for almost a month and I have been doing ATC almost daily.

It’s probably a stupid question, but your sure you’ve been doing things like take offs and landings? I don’t think every message gives you operations, and generally anything else that could possibly cause problems like quitting the app vs quitting the session, mid session app crashes, anything you can think that might be causing a problem? Because that definitely sounds weird…

Yes I do tower very often at airports like Heathrow and LAX with lots of takeoffs and landings

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Hum, not sure what to say, you’ve been exiting the flight before you quit the app?

Might want to move this to support as well since this is more that sort of issue fyi…

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Yes I always leave the session before the app

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I don’t know what to say then really. I’d say give it some time, but it hasn’t counted anything for the whole month right? That does seem like time enough to me, so I’d just put this in #support and wait for a team member to assist you, I don’t really have anything else in my obvious solutions tool box. Only last thing I could think is to log out and back in to see if that resets something. 🤷🏻‍♂️


Ok I’ll try that

It worked I’m up at almost 450 now thanks

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No problem, glad I could help, and glad your up and running again. Good luck with IFATC…

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Glad it worked out! Good luck on your path to IFATC :)