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Hey guys!, I hope y´all have a great week,
So today i have a question about IFVARB, I want to create a virtual airline, but I don´t know what I need do in Operations Plan, I already know that I need create a Google document, but I don´t know what i need put inside, please help me!

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There are instructions here:



“The Operations Plan provides the IFVARB staff groups with information about your potential VA. You are required to have your website ready for the first review stage in the process. Please link your website in your operations plan. Again, more detailed and interesting plans are likely to attract the member groups, so put in effort now- it could mean you are certified quicker in the long run. To create your operations plan, click here and make a copy of the document. You should be able to edit it after this is done. Make sure that link sharing is on before you submit it in your application.”

I recommend checking this thread out- IFVARB Information Thread - 2019 along with the website @KennedyTurner mentioned :)


Ok, thank to everyone!

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