Operations only going up by one

Every time I control an airport I only get one operation no mater how many clearances I give I just controlled at KLAX for almost 45 minutes with many clearances but only got one operation why is this? This is not the first time this has happened to me. It is very frustrating because I want to join IFATC but I can’t until I reach 500 operations and now I am stuck around 400.

Close out the app, perform a soft restart on the device, and check again. Let me know!

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Nothing still stuck at the same number

It usually takes some time for operations to register. I control on Expert and even then it may take a minute or two register.

That being said, there may be an issue if you’re terminating the session incorrectly. When ending your session, do you tap on “End Session” (where End Flight would normally be)?

Also, just to make sure we’re on the same page - a clearance is takeoff/landing not hold short or progressive taxi instructions for example.

Yes takeoffs and landings also yes I press end session

This is not the first time it has happened though and I never get them even after waiting

Okay, thanks! The only way I can think of being able to track this is if you take a screenshot of your ops before opening a session and then a screenshot after. Obviously if there is no change after controlling and even after waiting some time then there’s an issue that needs to be reported. If you can try to do this, that’d be great!

Sure would it work if I controlled for like 5 minutes.

I suppose so. Just make sure you give clearances to aircraft. Sharing your replay would also help!

That being said, for test purposes please wait around 5-10 mins after closing and restart your device and only then take a screenshot. It’s to make sure there are no other factors which could influence this.

Ok I will do that


Have your operations updated yet?

I have contacted someone and they were able to fix it thanks though!

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