Operations not going up

Hi, I just realized that my operations have not been going up. I was controlling at KLAX for over an hour and I didn’t even get one operation from the whole session. I was just wondering if operations take time to show up or that it’s an actual issue.



Sometimes it takes its time to update, though, it shouldn’t necessarily take too long;

  • Try doing a flight for a coupla minutes, then restart Infinite Flight and take a look at your operation count.
  • This is due to your operation count updating periodically, not immediately after your session.
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Okay I’ll try that it’s just been around an hour so I was starting to get concerned

Did the operation count manage to update?

Give it a night or two to update it will eventually

for me i just need to restart the application to see my updated ATC ops

No, not yet.

For me it always takes a few days, I don’t know why, but it does, just be patient and I’m confident that the ops will show up soon!

same thats why im starting to just accept that it wont go up

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