Operations for ATC not showing up

So I have been having an issue with my ATC operations. It’s been about a day since I did a session, which concluded be with enough operations to apply for IFATC, which is my goal. I am now sort of concerned that my operations are not loading to my ATC profile. Any ideas, maybe deleting the app?


I took some screenshots to show you what’s up.
The table at the end of the session says that I have 512 operations:

But then when I open the main page, it says that I still have 337:
When I applied for IFATC, (just now), it said that I needed 500 operations to apply, (which I do)
So, is the main page not catching up? I really want to get my application up.

I faced the same issue yesterday in expert server…this is after the new update


We’re looking into this.
It’s most likely an additional layer to a stats problem we uncovered the other day but on the pilot-side.

I’ve manually refreshed the stats for the two of you in the mean time.

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