Operations count for an hour so less That too at EGLL(ts)

I Controlled EGLL on ts yesterday for 1 hour and received only 10 operations IS IT POSSIBLE?? my frequency had 15 pilots for the whole time


Operations stand for the clearances you’ve given to aircrafts, for example, takeoff clearance and landing clearance. So, if you’ve cleared only 10 aircrafts, yes, it’s possible.

Even if i was ground

I’m not sure about ground clearances, but I do think that taxi instruction counts as operation. I don’t know what’s the specific cause in this case now. Maybe others can answer this question better. Thanks!

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Keep in mind that operations can take some time to register. Try refreshing the app and waiting for a bit to see if they’ve appeared.

Been 24hours since i controlled

And the operations count has not increased by more than 10?

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Can you share your replay from your controlling session?

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here you go
My session replay

@Chris_S the replay is given above

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