Operations at TNCM St. Marteen, the realism

Basically, Heavies bigger than the 757 do not have enough wing clearance to use the normal taxiway 1 to runway 10. Instead, they use taxiway 3, as seen in the image attached above, and backtrack down runway 10 and make a 180 degrees turn for takeoff. This happens in the real world if you able to get the chance to go to the place or by watching videos. I really hope This little post can add a little more realism to the flight simulator. Cheers!! “KLM685 backtrack and cleared for takeoff runway 10”


You might have the wrong livery at that airport 😜

Bookmarked. I’ll keep this in mind.

Not 100% sure

I’ve seen the Air France A340 and the KLM 744 do this from Maho Beach, while I was on vacation in St Maarten. Hoping that expert controllers allow this.


I agree it will be crazy to schedule the traffic on the ground when it is crowded

I see what you’re saying here, but this would be incredibly difficult with intense traffic. I could see this being used with 3 or 4 planes, but not with 40+ inbound. Just my two cents.


That’s not how you hold short just fyi…

Your nose is crossed the hold short line


KLM 747s occasionally fly to TNCM in real life though. . .

Check out the livery though. It’s their new one. Not sure if that one flies into TNCM

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Its KLM. The new livery doesn´t matter.


haha, i guess its the angle of perspective, if you look at the shadow, i have not passed the line, but thanks for your reminder.

It doesn’t. Over a one week period, there were 3 flights. I saw them all (takeoff only).

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In reality i dont think there will be 15 planes landing and taking off in one minute either😃…if u are looking for 100 percent of realism😊

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I would see this being used more often once global comes out. Traffic won’t be as bad then and TNCM can operate realistically.

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I’ll keep this in mind.

Good info there!

Might want to change the 360 turn for a 180 turn for take off otherwise you end up on the beach!

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I’ve never really thought about this, but you are totally right. I’ll keep this in mind for the next time I fly out of TNCM.

If I recall correctly, Heavydriver mentioned in a similar thread that apparently that’s not the case, - at least it’s not any more. I’m sure he can weigh in on the matter if he feels like it, - that or Aernout

I wish I could remember if the KLM 747 did this when I was there or not, although it does seem familiar and I have seen pictures of them back taxing from that pont