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CYYC is one of tomorrow’s featured airports, and the main hub and headquarters of our featured airline, WestJet. Considering that I not only live in the area but also work at this airport, I thought I would share some useful tips for added realism before people start their long hauls up from beautiful Australia.

Gate Designations

Like many airports, Calgary has different gates designated for different airlines. The general breakdown is as follows:

Concourse A - WestJet
Concourse B - All Domestic
Concourse C - Air Canada
Concourse D - International
Concourse E - USA

Now, that’s all fun stuff to know, but unfortunately Infinite Flight doesn’t show which concourse the gates are on. So here’s a breakdown by gate:

Gates 1-6 - WestJet Encore
Gates 11-24 - WestJet and WestJet Encore overflow
Gates 31-37 - All Domestic
Gates 38-40 - All Domestic (Props Only)
Gates 50-57 - Air Canada
Gates 58-59 - Air Canada Jazz
Gates 70-79 - International flights
Gates 80-97 - U.S bound flights

Almost no remote parking is used at CYYC, the only exception being Remote Parking 61-65, which is used for Air Georgian’s Beechcraft 1900D’s. As we do not have this airline or aircraft in Infinite Flight, it may be considered as domestic parking, but the use should be limited to prop-driven aircraft.

All gates except Gates 1-24 are capable of supporting wide-bodied aircraft, however please leave one gate in between yourself and another aircraft if using a wide-body. If you wish to use a 747, one of the end spots on the appropriate concourse should be used. No A380s should be flown into CYYC.

Cargo Parking

CYYC has plenty of capacity for cargo. If you are using UPS or FedEx, the correct parking to use would be Cargo Apron ‘XX’. For all other cargo as well as military aircraft, Cargo Apron ‘9XX’ spots should be used. Other cargo airlines servicing CYYC include: CargoJet, Cargolux, Korean Air Cargo, and Qatar Cargo. All cargo parking spots are capable of holding aircraft sizes up to and including a B747.

Runway Use

CYYC boasts an impressive 4 runways, however all 4 are never used at the same time. Most often, the runways in use are 17L/35R and 17R/35L, with both runways used for arriving aircraft and 17R/35L being the primary runway for departing aircraft. If there is a crosswind on these runways too great for safe landings, then 8/26 and 11/29 will be used instead. If this is the case, please be aware that these are shorter runways, and not always long enough for a heavy departing aircraft. If neither runway is long enough for your departure, then 17L/35R may be used for that departure. ATC instructions conquer all though, and you should not take what I am saying over any ATC instruction. Final discretion is up to the active controller.

Other airfield notes

There is a good possibility patterns may not be allowed at this airport even during quiet periods. Due to the smoke from BC wildfires, visibility in the area has been extremely poor, often meaning the airport is IFR-only. Patterns cannot be flown when the airport is IFR-only.

Concourse A and C are still DOMESTIC ONLY. If you wish to fly an International or USA-bound WestJet/Air Canada flight, then the appropriate gate should be used.

Be aware that the airport does feature a few swing gates, Gates 70-73 are also capable of supporting domestic flights if the need is there, and gates 70-75 and 80-85 are capable of supporting both International and US-bound flights. Please note that the breakdown I gave earlier should be used wherever possible, and swing gates are just for when the extra capacity is required.

None of what I have said in this post is mandatory, but I do highly recommend following some of these pointers for the purpose of increased realism.

Enjoy flying in my home town, hope to see a few of you there!!


Changing the branding doesn’t make any of this more relevant. I’m also pretty sure they were banned as they didn’t bring anything to the IFC Party Bus.

Apologies, I do appreciate the effort behind the post but I’ve left this one to the Mods.


Sorry I’m not sure how that relates here. The link between concourses and airlines is just about the only piece of easily accessible information I’ve talked about. Everything else is personal knowledge that isn’t easy to find out by yourself.

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I don’t see anything wrong with this post. I think it’s great!
There should be a post like this for every IFATC airport! (At least the major airport for each day.) Thanks for all of the effort you put into creating this.

That would lead to more clutter than we had before, and some of the other ones were really poorly researched. Like just a few sentences. This one is actually researched though.


Yep, there should be well-written posts like this for the airports is what I’m trying to say.
And even if some facts for the posts are just found on Wikipedia, I think it still might help organization and the realism.

I love new and informative information as you’ve brought to the table @Jake_Stopher, however, i do agree with those discussing this. It is very close to the “managing airport” threads that the moderators have pulled a halt to. This will open the door to more daily threads about operations during the ATC schedule, and while informative you have to remember that the IFATC operates at what is best for activity, not necessarily completely about the realism (we try to simulate as much as possible, but we have to do what we can to best operate)

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I know that, I’m a part of IFATC as well, and that was why I made sure to stress that ATC has final discretion :)

Mods closed the “managing xxxx” for a reason.This thread is almost identical so I kinda don’t see it happening

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TBH I think this type of post actually IS relavant and useful. Just by looking at the maps on IF or even the CYYC Charts you wouldnt get all thta information. I think that having the topic available to read is useful for gaining more information.

I would go as far as suggesting that a topic / thread is created where suitable vetted info pages on different airports could be placed. Most likely created by someone who has first hand and detailed knowledge of the airport in question, which can be peer reviewed by Mods / regs for accurance and then placed in the thread so that pilots can search for and review. However would suggest that the ability to add posts to the orginal thread be disabled to help keep the clutter clear.


My hometown too :)

Glad you brought this up. It will make my flight later today a lot more realistic :)


Why not make it a thread where its closed and only opened when a post by the IFATC needs to be made.

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I used to live in Calgary and now that I read this I wish I had plane spotted there… Thanks for the information. I will need this later


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