Operations are showing

Hey I’m not IFATC and my operations are showing? Well it’s nice to know my ops now just wondering why I can see them

I use - IPad 4
iOS 10.3
Hopefully you find out why it’s showing my operations but I’m glad I know how many I have haha

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Did you contact a recruiter to see your ops recently?

Not since mid July and they haven’t shown until today

@Tyler_Shelton probably got sick of everyone asking lol


This is so very… odd. Maybe one of the times when a support topic is actually for a real problem… lol

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I’ve never asked I got told in July that I had 7600 and I have double that now haha

Not an issue here. Glad you can see them.

Working to have it visible to all so we don’t check 3830490282 a day. Cheers!


Can any non IFATC member please verify you can see your operations count under the ATC tab?

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I’ll check in a minute or two.

Yes, the operations are now showing.

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Yeah they show for me

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Yep, and it shows that i am ATC Specialist without having Access to control expert server

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Likely because you were previously IFATC, then removed. Adding ATC privelages and adjust rank is two separate thing. I can remove ATC while it still shows last rank in the system.


They don’t show for me.

I see the same thing as you do, nostalgia :(

Close the app, relaunch, and go to the ATC TAB of Live

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Yep but after removal it never showed me i am Specialist

There we go! I see it!